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The One Piece 914 chapter discussion! "Tsuru no Ongaeshi" is a japanese folktale of a crane that is rescued from a hunter's trap. The crane can actually morph into a young girl, and the girl comes to stay with the couple that rescued her. She begins plucking out her own feathers to weave an incredibly expensive cloth for the couple, which makes them wealthy. They are unaware initially of her harming herself to make the fabric, and when they do she abandons them immediately. I'm not sure how Oda would translate that to Tsuru's story other than the obvious of her having a Crane-Crane Zoan (Tsuru means Crane), but I'm quite excited to find out. Her body shape seems a tad odd, she has a Crane hairpiece, and Cranes all over her kimono. If Kiku doesn't turn out to be Kikuhime from the One Piece x Kyoto special, I'll be quite surprised. Perfect opportunity for some fanservice there. Heck, we got 2 new Vice Admirals out of it. In either case, her "social standing" comment was intriguing. The samurai are only below the Daimyo and the Shogun on the hierarchy, with the merchants being literally the bottom. I wonder if Kiku is actually of nobility, like it was kinda implied Kikuhime was. There's 2 large grain silos in the background when we first see Okobore Town. Assuming the dark spaces aren't window openings, they appear to be quite weathered. Not sure if they're Kaido's or still belong to the people. The whole "leftovers" thing is gonna be interesting though, hopefully its an opportunity for our boy Sanji to blow Kiku's socks off. If this Urashima encounter ends without a fight, I'll be surprised. He seems more Luffy's kind of opponent but he also has 2 swords. Since he boasts of clean food, I'm imagining he's in the direct employ of either Orochi or Kaido.


Some people say that One Piece is a crap and this manga is the best or that manga is the best, but for me no matter what people say One Piece is still the best. No other manga managed to make me read it over and over again. No other manga made me hoping that it will never end. One Piece is the only manga I reread every year, the only manga I hope never ends and the only manga that can keep me more excited as the volume getting longer. 

One Piece is also my favorite anime. I like how each character has a different type of background and how they each develop their strengths. Along with overcoming their weaknesses together. I like how Luffy can become really serious when it's necessary just as you also said. Also the development of the story is good too. And another thing I like about One Piece is that each of member of the crew has a pretty deep past that makes you love them instantly. I think that Luffy and the crew are good pirates but also want to have the image as bad ones. The fights are amazing I mean even though you know who will win it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Personally though I would like to see more big fights with the other characters not just mostly Zoro and Luffy. Another thing about One Piece is that every character has there own individual fighting style. Each member of the Straw Hat crew has that uniqueness about their style. Zoro with his three sword style, Sanji with his kicking and policy about hurting ladies, Nami with her weather balls, and I'm sure you get my point now. There are so many reasons that I could tell you as to why I love the anime and manga.

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