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The One Piece 928 chapter discussion! It is pretty clear that orochi is indeed the yamata no orochi from japanese lore, or at the very least some type of hydra. Considering it was also confirmed that kaido is a dragon, could their fruits be related? Orochi and kaido's alliance has always been questioned. Why did they ally with each other? Could it be related to their draconic forms? Does this change the likelyhood of kaido being originally a human or a dragon? Give your thoughts! Kaido's chance to be a dragon and not a human is small. Since the oda would not introduce a character of this level like a dragon that ate a hito hito no mi of some model that I do not even know what to imagine Now about kaido's alliance with orochi, and interesting to think of the fact that both are allied only by economic interest. As wano does not open the door to the world, orochi takes advantage of wano's metal production to make wano more and more a less egalitarian and more mercantile country with a way of life where work is the only option of the country's resident to live. But anyway, it's questionable whether or not they like each other. I have no idea if orochi agrees with kaido's ambitions, or if kaido agrees with orochi's, but the fact is that their alliance is an unrelated alliance between the kaido pirates and orochi's servants. It seems that they are taking care of their affairs, meeting sometimes, drinking and then leaving without giving satisfaction .


Some people say that One Piece is a crap and this manga is the best or that manga is the best, but for me no matter what people say One Piece is still the best. No other manga managed to make me read it over and over again. No other manga made me hoping that it will never end. One Piece is the only manga I reread every year, the only manga I hope never ends and the only manga that can keep me more excited as the volume getting longer. 

One Piece is also my favorite anime. I like how each character has a different type of background and how they each develop their strengths. Along with overcoming their weaknesses together. I like how Luffy can become really serious when it's necessary just as you also said. Also the development of the story is good too. And another thing I like about One Piece is that each of member of the crew has a pretty deep past that makes you love them instantly. I think that Luffy and the crew are good pirates but also want to have the image as bad ones. The fights are amazing I mean even though you know who will win it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Personally though I would like to see more big fights with the other characters not just mostly Zoro and Luffy. Another thing about One Piece is that every character has there own individual fighting style. Each member of the Straw Hat crew has that uniqueness about their style. Zoro with his three sword style, Sanji with his kicking and policy about hurting ladies, Nami with her weather balls, and I'm sure you get my point now. There are so many reasons that I could tell you as to why I love the anime and manga.

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