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The One Piece 909 chapter discussion! I expected reverie to be a bunch of info drops, since this is in fact the invisible force that's moved the world throughout the series, but oda is seriously outdoing himself chapter by chapter. Good god there's so much to talk about. At this point, I don't think anyone will really give a damn if kyros just mysteriously has his leg back. Oda's notorious for this goof, and he made the blunder this chapter yet again. This chapter highlights that there is some sort of hierarchy within the celestial dragons..... But I specifically mean a hierarchy within the family names of the original 20 kings. With all the romanization issues that have been going on lately, I decided to just trust the folks that actually know how to translate the katakana. Life-changing stuff. Last chapter, the characters used in the description of the gorosei translates to: "The world's most powerful individuals: the tenryubito who have the most power". It's always made sense to me that the gorosei would be celestial dragons themselves, given the sheer scope of their power and responsibility within the holy land. However this would mean that they belong to one of these original 20 names, and would make sense why oda still hasn't given us their names after all this time. Mjosgard appeared to exert some form of authority over charloss, and roswald doesn't seem too keen on getting payback necessarily. It will be interesting to see how far exactly mjosgard's influence reaches, and it's quite ironic that the riku family and tontatta find themselves under the protection of a donquixote. It's probably blatantly obvious that fujitora wanted to talk to cobra and riku about luffy, and gain their support for the abolishment of the shichibukai system. It's over now, since we see them at the table when the reverie starts, but I wonder what else issho may have said about luffy. Bonney just keeps getting more interesting. It was revealed that kuma was the former king of the sorbet kingdom, and bonney is initially introduced to us this chapter as "Dowager connie". Dowager is a term for a widow......Making her potential connection to kuma even more......Interesting. Clearly the sorbet kingdom is a real thing, otherwise bonney masquerading as the queen wouldn't have worked for her to get in the reverie at all. But is it really a facade? Is that bonney's actual age, and she really is the queen but just uses her devil fruit for the tsunade effect? Is she truly dowager connie, and "Jewelry bonney" was a name she came up with for herself as she went on a mission to rescue her husband that she disguises as a pirate career? - speaking of, kuma's history continues to get more interesting as well. Sabo described the guy as a gentle giant, and we can certainly see that now that we knew who he truly was deep down, but what got him called a "Tyrant" in the first place? Someone even described him as being the "Cruelest pirate on the seas" at some point. When did he became a pirate with a bounty? How/when did his time in the revolutionaries even play into this at all? Sabo seems to imply that his move to the world government wasn't something that was prompted by dragon or the revos. So then, what made him choose to undergo the pacifista project? And through all this, he's still a current shichibukai! Typical oda, giving us answers that only make us ask even more questions! Another interesting use of katakana: im's name is spelled with the katakana for "Adam" and "Eve". I think you guys were right, and we might have another potential kaguya on our hands. Whoever this guy/gal/genderfluid being is, they truly hold the reigns of the world and have potentially since joy boy's time. For even the gorosei to hold this im character in such high regard, they must have some power/ability, or some kind of accomplishment that gives them the right to be king of it all. People have already forgotten this, but when sakazuki was yelling at the gorosei about how the doflamingo situation was handled, it was stated that the orders came from "Higher up". Everyone thought wait, "Higher up" than the gorosei? All makes so much sense now. I wonder just what else we'll find out im was secretly responsible for. Finally, the pictures on the floor. This is a soft confirmation that the other bounty poster that im was holding was blackbeard's. It makes sense too now, considering that if im truly is the celestial dragon of all celestial dragons, then luffy and blackbeard's rise to legendary status as members of the d. Clan is certainly keeping im up at night. Makes me wonder how they feels about dragon, but I get the feeling that might be coming (speaking of where is dragon?). Again, with im being who they are, of course he knows the mermaid princess is poseidon. Makes me wonder if the move to mariejois 800 years ago was also a means to avoid the potential destructive power of poseidon and pluton should they be harnessed again. Speaking of, things aren't looking good for alabasta. We knew cobra was in the crosshairs as soon we saw him on the way to the reverie wondering what his ancestor saw that repulsed him so. We knew he had intentions to get to the bottom of it, and the gorosei confirmed that they definitely had something to hide this chapter. But why also then the interest in vivi? Is im truly willing to erase one of the original 20 families from history, or is there something else to it? Can't wait! Edit: luffy and blackbeard's posters weren't "Torn". They were cut, with a rather nice degree of precision. So this im characater is somewhat proficient with a blade.

One Piece Creator drew genderswapped versions of the Strawhats

D: Nice to meet you. I was thinking while looking at Iva-chan that I’d like to see genderswapped versions of the Straw Hats. You don’t think you could draw them for me? Please do it. (TOMO. M)

ODA: Sure. They become different.

Luffy: I’ll eat salad and become the Pirate Queen!

Zoro: Three swords? I can’t, that’d break my teeth.

Nami: I’m asking ya – who’s the navigator on this ship?

Usopp: I think I’ll die if I go to that island.

Sanji: I only do sweets.

Chopper: Mr. Doctooor! Oh, that’s me!

Robin: That was cruel yo.

Franky: Am I super this week?

Brook:  ?

[note: Except for Luffy (partly), Zoro and Sanji, they all say their own catchphrases, but modified to be extremely feminine/masculine.]

What Makes The Gorosei Obliged To Serve IM

I'm not entirely sure how much autonomy IM has. The gorosei had already made the decision that there would be a cleansing even prior to meeting IM. And the way she walks about the castle, veiled, seemingly kept away from everyone except for a servant and the gorosei, her existence kept hidden, I'd have to ask whether her secluded, secret nature is her decision or not.

Basically, I'm not ruling out im being a vital figurehead for the gorosei, who are still mostly running everything. I mean, in japanese history that's a rather common situation with the emperor and then the politicians below. Emperor was still "Officially" in charge, but the reality is more murky. But even with that I still think that im is very involved in whatever happened during the void century to wipe the ancient kingdom off the face of history. And given the crown and the throne, that's pointing to both factors being involved in the gorosei, at the face of things, being subservient to her.

As we've known for years, the gorosei control the world through the navy, and evidenced by shanks meeting they might even control the pirate world, but now to know that they serve a single king is quite a shock. So to jump into topic

What qualities does IM have that qualifies him as leader of the world?

1. Is it physical prowess?
2. Personal control of an ancient weapon?
3. Simply bloodline
4. Something else?

State your opinions. 

One Piece 909 Manga Page 1

This is Page 1 of One Piece 909, click or swipe the image to go to Page 2 of the manga. The Reverie begins as the kings and queens start discussing about problems their nations have been facing. Most of it is skipped over until we reach Cobra. He starts to speak as well as Riku about the abolishment of the warlord system. They start recapping what happened in both Alabasta and Dressrosa and most of the leaders start to agree with them. Some people such as Wapol and Stelly believe that the matter is stupid and that the marines should just handle it. As the two finish talking the first day of meeting concludes. All of the leaders go back to their rooms to discuss and think over decisions before coming back tomorrow and doing a vote.
Riku, Vivi, Cobra, and Rebecca all talk with each other saying that the speech the two kings gave was really good and believe that they might have the majority vote. As they talk Mjosgard walks in and sees Riku and Rebecca. He bows his head and apologizes for the actions Doflamingo did on Dressrosa as he is revealed to be Doflamingo’s cousin. As they speak Fujitora walks in and says that if he wants to right the wrongs that have been done support on the warlord abolishment bill would be great. Riku asks Fujitora on that status of the demonstration for tomorrow as he replies saying that “he” will be here by next morning. Enjoy the latest chapter here at OnePiece900.
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We cut to a marine battleship as we see Smoker and Tashigi sitting in a room with someone. Smoker asks if the person is going to go to bed anytime soon and the person replies “ Can't sleep, I have to many ideas to write down.” The person is revealed to be none other than Dr. Vegapunk ( who resembles Albert Einstein with a long forehead). We then cut to the celestial dragon kingdom as we see Charloss being treated for his wounds we then see his sister speaking with none other than CP-0 members Jabra and Blueno. She is pissed and wants Mjsogard brought to justice but the two tell her that trying to do such a thing to another celestial dragon goes against their jobs but as they say that Lucci walks in and tells the two to come with him. They speak outside the building saying that they have been given orders directly from the Five Elders to assinate targets once the Reverie is finished. Blueno asks if the other members have been informed ( the other CP9 members from eneis lobby) and Lucci says that they are busy escorting out their special guest secretly also under orders of the five elders. ( the special guest is obviously Shanks).

We then cut to the Revolutionaries meeting up at a secret place with Ivankov and Koala. Sabo is still furious about seeing Kuma being mistreated. Koala calms him down saying that he will be rescued once the plan goes into action. Sabo asked where Dragon is and Ivankov tells him that he's meeting with the second in command, Sabo chuckles saying that it's going to awkward after all this time. Cut to Dragon standing by the ocean holding Luffy's wanted poster as someone walks up and says “ Isn't it amazing? He's grown so much since a little baby. He looks exactly like your father. Wouldn't you agree?" Dragon turns and says “ he does. Granted being a pirate wasn't something neither of us could see coming, but he's got our ideals. After all he is our son.” The person smiles almost identically to Luffy and laughs saying “ shishishi indeed he is.”

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