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The One Piece 914 chapter discussion! "Tsuru no Ongaeshi" is a japanese folktale of a crane that is rescued from a hunter's trap. The crane can actually morph into a young girl, and the girl comes to stay with the couple that rescued her. She begins plucking out her own feathers to weave an incredibly expensive cloth for the couple, which makes them wealthy. They are unaware initially of her harming herself to make the fabric, and when they do she abandons them immediately. I'm not sure how Oda would translate that to Tsuru's story other than the obvious of her having a Crane-Crane Zoan (Tsuru means Crane), but I'm quite excited to find out. Her body shape seems a tad odd, she has a Crane hairpiece, and Cranes all over her kimono. If Kiku doesn't turn out to be Kikuhime from the One Piece x Kyoto special, I'll be quite surprised. Perfect opportunity for some fanservice there. Heck, we got 2 new Vice Admirals out of it. In either case, her "social standing" comment was intriguing. The samurai are only below the Daimyo and the Shogun on the hierarchy, with the merchants being literally the bottom. I wonder if Kiku is actually of nobility, like it was kinda implied Kikuhime was. There's 2 large grain silos in the background when we first see Okobore Town. Assuming the dark spaces aren't window openings, they appear to be quite weathered. Not sure if they're Kaido's or still belong to the people. The whole "leftovers" thing is gonna be interesting though, hopefully its an opportunity for our boy Sanji to blow Kiku's socks off. If this Urashima encounter ends without a fight, I'll be surprised. He seems more Luffy's kind of opponent but he also has 2 swords. Since he boasts of clean food, I'm imagining he's in the direct employ of either Orochi or Kaido.

One Piece Chapter 914 Spoiler Pics And Summaries

The medicine is working and Tama is recovering. Kiku is treating Zoro’s wounds. Kiku uses the word “sessha” instead of I and she’s almost 3 meters tall. Tsuru wants to Tama to eat “Shiruko” but as she doesn’t have any money, Tama refuses to eat it. Then Tsuru says, if Tama isn’t going to eat it then Tsuru will throw it away. After Tama eats the Shiruko, she cries because it’s so delicious.

20 years ago, the Kozuki clan was living in the Oden castle and were ruling the Wano kingdom. The now deceased Oden created a huge plantation and provided everyone in Kuri delicious food. The plantation now belong to Orochi, and Tsuru and the rest purchase the rotten ingredients from them. After Tsuru reveals the internal circumstances of Wano, someone aims an arrow at Tsuru. Zoro blocks the arrow with his katana. The one who shot the arrow is one of the Gifters who has eaten the bat SMILE and became a batman. He’s using the wings of a bat and is flying. His hearing is 6 times greater than an average human, so he wanted to kill Tsuru after hearing the insults aimed at the Shogun. One arrow after another are aimed at Tsuru, but Zoro blocks all of them. As they were distracted by the batman, another gifter who has eaten the Gazelle SMILE abducts Tama . And in order to rescue Tama, Kiku takes a katana with her and follows the gazelleman. Luffy and Zoro go with her. The gazelleman is heading to the official’s town and Hawkins, Holdem, and Speed as well as 30 other SMILE users are waiting. Luffy asks who exactly Kiku is, and she answers, “I (sessha) am a Samurai!”. After Law hears from Bepo that Luffy and the rest are heading to the official’s town, he says “Hey wait! That’s nothing but trouble! We’ve to stop these idiots!”

Kaido: A New Type Of Challenge

When Oda mentioned Luffy will defeat Kaido, he made one thing clear: It will not be because "Luffy's punch is so strong". He even mentioned when Kaido first appeared, Luffy was not strong enough yet to defeat him. What exactly is Oda entailing by this? Well, we don't have to look far. The last opponent Luffy defeated at that time (Doflamingo), was defeated exactly because Luffy's punch "was so strong". In fact, every opponent Luffy has defeated so far he has been physically stronger than. Why is this significant? Well we know for a fact Luffy is not overall a better combatant than every opponent he's faced. With Crocodile this was obvious in Marineford, and with Enel Oda outright stated it. He said was lucky he was rubber. But nonetheless he was still stronger than both Crocodile/Enel physically. I recently made a thread outlining why Katakuri was a good milestone for Luffy. They are very similar in fighting style, and Luffy actually could use him as a measuring stick. With guys like Crocodile, Enel, Doflamingo, Moriah, Cracker, it's very hard for Luffy to measure his overall ability, simply because they fight very differently. What makes them good is not what makes Luffy good.

Just like, even if Zoro defeats Pica, Zoro still wants to develop as a swordsman, rather than just be a strong guy, Luffy even if he defeats all those dudes with dissimilar styles, still wants to develop primarily as a brawler more than anything. How Luffy defeats opponents is he negates/circumvents their DF ability (or DF combined with CoO in Enel's/Katakuri's cases) and/or he overpowers them physically. This seems kinda simple at first, but it's a very important point in the "Is Luffy stronger than the guys he beats?" debate.

Whether he is a better overall combatant that those guys is up for debate, but what isn't, is that he is simply physically stronger. Kaido represents a new type of challenge. While before Luffy simply had to figure out some way around their DF/DF + CoO combo, and overpower them physically, Kaido is not that type of opponent. Even if you figure out some way around his possible DF (Zooan?), you cannot overpower Kaido physically.

Luffy has defeated better overall fighters than him before (and I'd argue the gap between Crocodile/Enel and Luffy is much bigger than Luffy/Kaido now), but he has never defeated someone physically stronger than him.

What Do You Think About the Zoro Vs Hawkins Clash?

I think the whole thing was only to introduce hawkins and his devil fruit again and maybe let kaido know that the strawhat already there, or hawkins kill those who would tell kaido and seeks an alliance with luffy. At least it is the first time they met so ,oda introduced them to each other that way. Neither had superior portrayal. The scene was very much a showcase of what hawkins can do. From his devil fruit finally properly being named, to turning his sword into straw, everything points to this being more of a showcase than a showing of feats between the two.

Zoro did not receive inferior portrayal here at all. I'm honestly baffled at both sides of the argument that I've seen since the chapter came out. People who try to defend, and the people shitting on zoro. What's there to defend? In what way was zoro shown to be inferior? Just total non sense from both ends. It was a showcase for hawkins. Nothing more, nothing less.

I liked zoro's performance more in this chapter than hawkins, granted that their clash is rather short. They both shined on their own right but perhaps, I am not just fond of how hawkins' ability work based on what we saw.. Tho of course, there's more of hawkins' ability to see than what the chapter has shown us. But zoro is just a beast. He doesn't have any magical gimmicks and his every attack could be fatal to hawkins. I am not saying zoro is indeed more powerful but I just have this impression that zoro would deplete all of hawkins' life At the end of the day or two given his monstrous endurance and durability. Again, I am not just fond of how hawkins just sits there, receive and then transfer the damage he gets in last chapter. Unless the dolls he have within him is infinite. Haha. Or he has a trump card that will make his devil fruit ability Transfer all the damage he will get to the attacker themselves. Similar to akatsuki hidan's curse.

Basil Hawkins, Apoo, Urouge, and X Drake Historical Connections

Sir John Hawkins Son of a extremely wealthy ship builder,Privateer in the Elizabethan era. English shipbuilder, naval administrator and commander, merchant, spy, navigator, pirate and slave trader. Often sailed with his second cousin Sir Francis Drake, waged battles against his arch enemy Sancho Pardo Donlebun with Drake, suberb naval strategist. Led many battles against the Spanish. Created a new faster warship. The first English trader to trade with the New World. Hawkins died at sea off Puerto Rico.

Sir Francis Drake Privateer in the Elizabethan era. Was the eldest of 12 sons. Prowled the shipping lanes of the coast of France. Did the first circumpolar navigation, sailed often with his second cousin Sir John Hawkins. Has a deep hatred for the Spanish after some of his men were killed in a Mexican town. Sailed on the Golden Hind and plundered Spanish Shipping off the coast of South America Died of the coast of Puerto Rico.
Aruj Born in 1473 on the island of Lesbos. Was one in four brothers all were also privateers. Was a privateer before he became ruler of Algiers, was captrued and made a slave by the King of Islands of Rhodes, eventually escaping. Was known for attaching sails to canons and riding across the desert. Was killed in battle against the Spainards.

Chui A-PooA notorious Chinese pirate in 19th century, commanded more than 50 boats, made his base in the South China Sea. After brutally murdering 2 English officers, he was hunted down and sentenced to exile to Tasmania but hung himself first.

One Piece 914 Manga Page 1

This is Page 1 of One Piece 914, click or swipe the image to go to Page 2 of the manga. I was really impressed with Hawkins like damn this man is straight ruthless. He tried to fight two members of the worst generation at once. The fact that he lost 1/10 of his dolls instantly yet still had the balls to go at Zoro was Crazy. Also it’s nice to see Zoro protecting his captain again. I guess Hawkins ain’t worthy enough to fight Luffy. Also Luffy and Zoro’s chemistry is the best. These two just can’t stay out of trouble when they’re together. O-Tsuru seems like she was drawn in almost a completely different style from what Oda usually does, it makes her look really unique. Also, Bepo with the top knot and robes reminds me a lot of Jinbe for some reason. He's just drawn in a more goofy style than Jinbe. Enjoy the latest chapter here at OnePiece900.
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Seems we've overlooked one crucial explanation in how hawkin's devil fruit works. Luffy has a 30% chance of beating kaido, and a 19% chance of survival in his current state. However, what if luffy were to surpass his limits. Now luffy gets stronger in every arc, against every opponent. So "Surpassing his limits" would have to mean something hitherto unseen before in this manga. In other words we are probably going to be seeing some nightmare luffy level shit maybe. Another possibility is the g4 time-haki limit. If luffy can use g4 indefinitely without any limits, then imagine what he could do. King kong gun and king cobra could become "Normal" attacks at this rate. If luffy fights kaido with a powered up g4 because of hawkins' ability, then I daresay he could beat him. Oda said he had to think hard about how luffy could beat hawkins. Kaido randomly lands on the 3-sn alliance and now hawkins is forced to work for kaido. It couldn't be any more obvious. This also opens up new avenues for the strawhats versus kaido and his calamities. This is a huge deal in my opinion it makes all those theories about needing a time-skip fall through. It's like the second-origin power up of one piece.

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