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The One Piece 930 chapter discussion! Big mom pirates are already in wano! Isn't that a bit to soon tho? I mean we haven't even gotten a proper introduction to the beast pirates and now big mom's crew already creating havoc on wano. Wano might really be shorter than we all anticipated. So law vs drake and sanji vs page one? Interesting to see team up. Wait sanji has his rs with him? Thought it toss it to his crew to have it last time we saw it? Though I dont know it confirms he will wear it as the "Seems" looks like he pondering about it or use it as a disguise for hiding if it cones with a mask too. Pteranodon looks dope as hell. King keeps building up his hype. I knew that the big mom pirates were supposed to go to wano but I surely didn't expect them to arrive so early. And I guess everyone, or at least all big shots of them are there? Where's jinbei? Yepp, hype. And damn, didn't want sanji to use that raid suit given by his pathetic family even tho it was almost a given that at some point he would use it. But surely interesting that oda is making him use it against page one so early in the arc already. Maybe he will just give it a try or so. Either way, I'm definitely hyped to see sanji vs page one.

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This is Page 1 of One Piece 930, click or swipe the image to go to Page 2 of the manga. Seeing how King is a pteranodon I expect queen to be an ancient crocodile or some time of toxic reptile/dinosaur. Big mom and crew being there this soon mixes things up and change my expectations for the arc, unless it's a free for all or that shanks appears to help Luffy, I don't see how in tarnation can Luffy and his alliance take on two yonko plus crew at the same time even with the help of every supernova. Enjoy the latest chapter here at OnePiece900.
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Also Big mom can't catch a break... even with all her crew she gets humiliated again by just one of Kaido's commanders, I understand that it's a way for Oda to slow down her arrival in wano but it could have been done in a more graceful manner being sent to the bottom of the sea when she has all her crew, observation haki users and Prometheus is a little disappointing. No Katakuri? Does it mean that him joining Luffy's alliance is a possibility now? Please Oda make it happen Katakuri plus Marco fighting on the same side will be epic. Or maybe he is just staying back on whole cake island to defend the territory. Now I expect Akainu to strike after the war and finish off the remaining exhausted pirates ending the war just like Shanks did two years ago at marineford. Like we've seen time and times again post time skip, history repeats itself and I expect my man Black Beard to make a move too at the end of the arc just like in marine ford some are talking about him stealing kaido's devil fruit and being the only man with three devil fruit one of each type and officially making him the most powerful pirate in the current time line.

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