One Piece Chapter 929 Spoiler Pics And Summaries

Color Spread: Ninja version of Mugiwara crew.
CP0 appears talking with Orochi.
X-Drake (in hybrid form) and Pageone (Lizard Smile user) appears at the end of the chapter with Hawkins.

The craftsman,that Franky work for,remember that he have sold the bl
ueprint of Kaido’s house 10 years ago. Franky decided to leave.

They went to the pawn shop asking people, and learned that the blueprint is currently in Kuri, and asked kinemon for future plan.

Inuarashi and his musketeer squad stole a lot of food from kaido’s subordinates, and left a note saying “ head mountain bandits shutenmaru”

There’s a man flattering Zoro, and follow Zoro to the flower capital.

Orochi castle: CP0 ‘s secret meeting with Orochi

Now that Doffy’s gone, the government can make direct deals with the shogun

Orochi want the warships and even Vegapunk.

Since he have Kaido as his support, CP0 can’t be mad at his arrogant requests.

The feast begins, Orochi have a big face and a 八 shape mustache, surrounded by courtesans.

Citizens running around in the streets of flower capital, saying that kaido’s subordinates are here to kill the owner of the soba cart.

Sanji and law are about to face 2 dinosaur devil fruit users, one of them being Drake, the other pageone.

Hawkins is here as well.

Drake: why are you here, Hawkins?

Hawkins: I am after someone

Eiichiro Oda's message in Jump Festival 2018

Events such as the Jump Festa are always awaited with great anticipation by fans for the announcements and for the exclusive previews of the major ongoing series.
During the recent Jump Festa 2018, Eichiro Oda made some sensational revelations on One Piece. The mangaka intervened through a written message:

One Piece Chapter 928 Spoiler Pics And Summaries

At the Mine - After yesterday’s incident, the old man is very grateful, but Luffy said it’s nothing and give him some tickets.Raizou appears.
Raizou: I’ve found the keys of the handcuffs, but the guards are not letting their guards down and it’s in a box made out of sea stone. I will think of something so please wait a little longer.
He disappeared.

Caribou: If u give me some as well,I’ll become your subordinate. Oh, you are going to break out right? Bring me with you, will you?

Luffy: No,ask kid for some tickets

Caribou: No, rumors saids that he’s not that big of a deal, challenging Bigmom and got his arm taken.

Kid throws a scythe at him: Lies! I just fought with one her sweet general and take something that doesn’t belong to her, also my arm’s taken by the red hair pirates! And now I am going to defeat kaido.

Luffy: It’s me who’s going to defeat kaido!

Flower Capital - Komurasaki’s very beautiful , with high heels, Sanji eyes appeared to be heart shaped.
3 Old men: we are gonna kill that girl! We’ll bring her with us if we’re going to died! But they get defeated by the guards.
The old mans had loved komurasaki deeply, who kept crying: oh poor me, I am going to stay in this place forever.
They all decided to redeem her, and sold all their belongings, and became very poor. They thought komurasaki will lived a happy life with him.
But it’s all a lie, and komurasaki’s not alone, she’s got a partner, kyoshiro

Amigasa village - Otama asked momosuke, who’s practicing with sword: u really have a little sister? Is she alive?

Momosuke: Hiyori should be 26 by now, she must be alive, I’ve heard news about mother’s death, but none about her, so she must be alive.

Otama: it would nice if you two were to meet again

Momosuke: No, if we do,she might be targeted by orochi, I am not going to see her before our victory.

Each Emperors Represents a Specific Test for Monkey D. Luffy

What if the Yonkou's represent the tests of heart, body, mind and soul on Luffy’s quest to find One Piece? In this scenario then,

Charlotte Linlin would represent the test of soul since she has acquired the powers of the Soru Soru no Mi after the death of its previous owner, Carmel, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to freely interact with and manipulate souls.

Kaido would represent the test of body since he’s renowned as the “Strongest Creature in the World”.

Blackbeard would represent the test of heart in fact a lot of people speculated that he ate Whitebeard’s heart (I have a feeling Oda might have drawn on some tribal customs, where eating the heart of a defeated foe grants you their strength). Finally Shanks would represent the test of mind.

Shanks would also be the hardest test – not only because of prior associations, but also because say what you like, actual planning and strategising just isn’t Luffy’s thing…

Ready for 2019 One Piece Stampede Movie?

One Piece will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2019, and it's going to make a big splash with a huge 20th Anniversary movie. The series dropped the first trailer and poster for the film today. The poster not only teases a big struggle for the Straw Hats, but reveals the film will be opening August 9 in Japan.

The official website for the One Piece franchise announced on Wednesday that the franchise's new anime film is titled One Piece Stampede. It will open in theaters in Japan on August 9,. Toei will distribute the film. The film celebrates the anime's 20th anniversary, and will be the 14th film in the franchise. The latest anime film in the One Piece franchise, One Piece Film Gold, opened in Japan in July 2016. Funimation screened the film in theaters in the United States with an English dub in January 2017.

The company then released the film on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in May 2017. A One Piece film opened every year in Japan between 2000-2009. The 30-minute One Piece 3D: Mugiwara Chase film opened in March 2011, and the One Piece Film Z movie opened in December 2012. Eiichiro Oda's One Piece first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in 1997. It has since been collected into over 80 volumes, and has been a critical and commercial success worldwide with many of the volumes breaking printing records in Japan. The manga has even set a Guinness World Record for the most copies published for the same comic book by a single author, and is the best-selling manga series worldwide with over 430 million copies sold. The series still ranked number one in manga sales in 2018, which surprised fans of major new entries.

Ronoroa Zoro Vs King The Wildfire

King the Wildfire is an All-Star of the Beasts Pirates and one of Kaido's three right-hand men, the Disasters. Many one piece fans doubt that vice captain zoro would fight and let alone defeat king the wildfire, because he might be even stronger than our mochi boy katakuri. I have to disagree. There are many reasons for my claim. First of all, one piece is about 80% completed according to oda. Since the difference between zoro and mihawk should still be huge, and with the story that much complete, zoro soon has to start challenging very powerful swordsmen on the way to become the world’s strongest swordsman.

Secondly, there’s no way that zoro wouldn’t want to fight king if he finds out that he is a swordsman and kaido’s strongest henchman. Not to mention that zoro almost always faces the right hand man of the opponent pirate crew. Hirdly, like everyone pointed out, king’s name is king the wildfire, and zoro stated in punk hazard that he would learn to cut fire. Those were the reasons I believe zoro would fight king. Now let me explain why I believe zoro could defeat him, even though king should be at luffy/katakuri tier. Like I said before, the story is 80% complete, zoro has to start defeating monstrous swordsmen. Zoro promised mihawk that he would never lose (to a swordsman) again.
He has no choice but to win, especially since promises in shonen are a huge thing. Now coming to the power level part, I do believe that zoro is weaker than luffy, but not by much. Zoro and luffy will have a minor difference in strength like rayleigh/roger. Their difference wouldn’t be huge like yonko/yonko commanders. If luffy is much stronger than a top yonko commander by the end of wano, then also zoro needs to be slightly stronger than a top yonko commander. Zoro also has been a monster in the new world . He has barely been trying and yet destroying characters like pica (who was vergo level). His power is unknown at this point, and it’s baseless to say that he can’t beat a yonko commander.

I’d try to explain why zoro could still be near luffy:

1. He could grow just like luffy did in whole cake island. There won’t be any shortages of enemy in wano. With the war between kaido, big mom, navy, and possibly other forces, zoro could fight very strong characters to grow to a whole new level. Luffy will still be stronger but zoro will reduce the gap since luffy is in prison while zoro would be defeating enemies.

2. Zoro trained hard with mihawk for 2 whole years, while luffy trained with rayleigh for 1.5 (rayleigh returned to sabaody archipelago half a year before luffy). This may have led to zoro having a more rewarding time-skip. Luffy may have grown much stronger in the new world but zoro could have gotten stronger at a faster rate than luffy during the time-skip, thus making the difference not so big.

One Piece Chapter 927 Spoiler Pics And Summaries

Kyoshiro's henchmen are beaten up by Sanji and Franky because they wasted food.
There is an oiran (courtesan) who is a super idol in Wano Kuni. Her name is Komurasaki.
Kyoshiro is aware that his subordinates were beaten up, since Kyoshiro himself was summoned to attend Orochi's feast, he asked Queen to send an assassin/assassins.
Orochi is determined that today he will make Komurasaki fall for him.

Update #1:
Cover page: Garp fights with a bear over salmon
Orochi appears to be a dragon (eastern) but there's only his shadow/silhouette in this chapter.

Update #2:
According to the Japanese spoiler guy, Orochi has the appearance of a Yamata no Orochi↓

Captain Kid’s Awakening in Wanokuni

I’ve a feeling Eustass Kidd and Monkey D, Luffy will awaken in Wano Kuri Arc. We know Kid is Magneto who knows to use his power it just to a certain point. His devil fruit power manifests in two different abilities, both depicting repulsion and attraction of metals within his vicinity to be used as weapons.

The first allows him to repel metallic objects away from himself, such as reflecting a Marine cannonball back towards its shooter. The second ability allows him to draw metallic objects towards him and form them into objects, his most frequent use of this being to form a giant arm made of hundreds of metallic weapons and objects and connecting it to his right hand. Think of him awakening this power in Wano, where anywhere we look are factories making weapons of steel, iron, you know what I’m talking about.

I can see Kid awakening as a mini magnetar. What is a magnetar? That’s the strongest magnet in the freaking universe. Having it in the upper atmosphere or beyond will start electric storm across the globe and gravity will be messed up. What I’m saying is, Kid’s Awakening will be really overpowered. Also known by Marvel fans, Eric or Magneto can extract the iron from blood and minerals in the ground as shown in X Men Apocalypse. I can just imagine the scene of him levitating and guns, beams, bars, spears everything levitating with dark clouds and thunder.

Luffy and Kid Training Comparison

Many people seem to believe that Luffy should be much stronger than the other Supernovas because he received training from an expert teacher like Silvers Rayleigh. While this is true to an extent, there are reasonable arguments as to why the likes of Kid and some others may be able to match him, or come close.

With what we learned from Rayleigh, intense high level fights are the way to elevate your Haki to the next level. However, the New World is an unforgiving sea, so rushing in to many battles is a high risk high reward situation. The risk is severe injury or death, but the potential reward is exponential growth.
We know from the Vivre Cards that Kid threw himself in to many fights, lost an arm, has numerous scars and could’ve lost his life as well as his friends lives. But since he still lives, he’s likely reaped the rewards of that high risk situation and has grown significantly. At the same time, he’s also probably trained in between fighting. In contrast Luffy’s training with Rayleigh was a low risk high reward situation.

The tutorship of Rayleigh was a huge advantage that allowed amazing growth, but at the same time it probably lacked the danger level and intense battles that Kid and the other Supernovas may have had. He fought many strong animals, but we can see that Luffy had no additional scars post timeskip aside from Akainu’s so his life wasn’t ever at severe risk. The reason that Luffy wanted training was because he wanted to reduce the risk of his crew mates dying by growing stronger to be able to protect them, as well as allowing them time to get stronger as well. Whereas Kid took the chance. So, if eventually we do find out that Luffy and Kid are close in power, it doesn’t mean that Luffy’s training was useless as some people have said, it’s just that Kid had a more risky but just as effective alternative. Looking at things logically, Luffy will have rivals close to his strength in his generation even at the end of the story. Roger himself had Whitebeard that was equal to him, as well as Shiki and Big Mom who stood close behind.

One Piece Chapter 926 Spoiler Pics And Summaries

In the cover we can see Law and Chopper studiying in a library with a turtle and a bird with glasses and hats. Usopp sees in the street a samurai with the mark of Kozuki Clan, and gives him a paper with Kinemon draw (2 birds, a flame, a snake...) without the samurai realize him.
Penguin and Shachi do the same with another samurai with the mark of Kozuki Clan. We can see at leats 11 samurai with the mark of Kozuki Clan.

Nami and Shinobu are spying 2 samurais but they discover them, so Nami and Shinobu escape thanks to Shinobu's kite.
Sanji has a little soba restaurant, the line to get food is laaarge lol
In the prison, slaves are carrying big square stones for only a little piece of meal.
Luffy and Kid moves a lot of gigant stones alone, even with Kairoseki handcuff. They have a gigant bowl with food.
Hippopotamus guard appear. He's an hippopotamus with a guy with hippopotamus face in the mouth... It's pretty funny.
Hippopotamus guard is furious with and old man.
We can see Caribou, he's one of the prisioner.
Hippopotamus guard swallows Luffy and Kid, but they defeat him from inside.
Luffy and Kid come out. Luffy holds the old man in his hands.

How Blackbeard Pirates Steal Devil Fruits

Watching One Piece anime episode 740, I remembered that Jesus Burgess jumps around with some sort of devil fruit bag, or maybe just an ordinary bag but with some pattern reference to devil fruits. Kind of obvious but this is probably where he stores his stolen devil fruits. It is no secret that the Blackbeard Pirates are on a mission to gather devil fruits, thus why Burgess was even on Dressrosa in the first place in order to gain the Mera Mera no Mi; and Blackbeard himself has shown knowledge of how to steal a devil fruit when he did the unthinkable and murdered a nakama when serving under Whitebeard all those years ago.

Now it hasn’t been confirmed whether Blackbeard had to kill in order to gain the fruit, but this seems the most likely scenario. Devil fruits reappear from a nearby fruit when the current user dies. This is probably why Burgess had his knife out when trying to kill Luffy in one quick action, and this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this referenced with Blackbeard associates. Now this is where the bag comes into play.

That bag that we see again in the above photo is most probably full of normal fruit, maybe apples (I believe), although I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a mix or maybe even cherries as a reference to Blackbeard himself (he loves cherry pies). I believe it’s full of apples, so that as soon as a devil fruit using target is neutralised, their fruit will reappear into the nearest fruit which would obviously be in the bag. We saw this in Punk Hazard. Fairly straightforward. In order to steal devil fruits, Blackbeard Pirates hunt with a bag full of apples/some other fruit in order to capture devil fruits. This sparked something that I didn’t notice before… Doc Q was doing the same thing way before the timeskip, as he offered Luffy an apple and said he was ‘lucky’ because he chose a fruit that didn’t make him explode. Why else would Doc Q, a member of the Blackbeard Pirates randomly have a basket full of apples? This may be his own tactic of stealing devil fruits as opposed to Burgess’ more animalistic manor. Anyway… What happens when a devil fruit user consumes another devil fruit? Yes, he/she explodes, and I think that is what Doc Q was referring to when he said Luffy was lucky not to explode. Pretty simple, Blackbeard Pirates have different methods of killing devil fruit users in order to steal their fruits via having a multitude of apples/other fruits in a nearby bag or basket. Anyway like I said I’m not sure if anyone noticed these Doc Q or Burgess details before so I thought I’d just leave this here.

One Piece Chapter 925 Spoiler Pics And Summaries

At the relics of Shikkearu Kingdom, Perona reads the newspapers and sheds tears.
Title on the newspapers: Attack on Moriah & Zombie Army
Perona: I have to leave! Hope they're alright!
Mihawk: Be careful and go.
Perona: That's very gentle of you... Just don't be sooooo soft all of a sudden! Thanks for everything you've done!
Mihawk: What a noisy woman... but it might be a smart choice to leave here right now. There're some shady topics (issues) raised at Levely.

New World - Pirates' Island Hachinosu (Beehive Island)
Moriah & Zombie Army are going on a rage, shouting "Hand over Teach right now".
Moriah is here to look for Absalom, who arrived here several days ago.
Absalom appears before Moriah, with a beauty as his armpiece.
Absalom: Sorry boss. This island is a paradise. I forgot to make contact.
Moriah confirms that Absalom is alright and thus is relieved. However, someone slays Moriah from behind.
That "someone" is Shiliew, who has eaten Suke Suke no Mi.
Moriah: That is Absalom's power...!
Absalom's appearance shifts in front of Moriah's eyes, and shows who the "Absalom" actually is.
Moriah: Devon!
It is Catarina Devon. She used Mythical Zoan, Inu Inu no Mi - Nine-tailed Fox type to shift to Absalom's looks.
Moriah: What did you bastards do to Absalom!
Devon: Yup we've got the corpse. You wanna take it and go back?

Kurohige's loud laughs are leaked from the speakers on the island and that lead to an earthquake.
Kurohige: Don't break the rules of this island! This is the paradise of pirates! You ought to have a good time here!
Kurohige: You like parties? Then just come aboard my ship Moriah!
Kurohige: Did you read the news this morning? The Army Executives of the Revolutionary Army fought with Fujitora and Ryokugyu in Mary Geoise on Day 4 of Levely in order to get Kuma back!
Kurohige: The other stage is Wano Kuni where that monster Kaido lives! Starting with Mugiwara, lots of zealous brats are gathering on that island! That crazy Yonko Big Mom is chasing them!
Kurohige: What do you think?! It's already begun! Those powerful ones' chaotic fight for the throne!
*Kurohige's bounty is 2.2 billion and 47.6 million Belis.

The second act of Wano Kuni begins.
Shutenmaru & Inuarashi fight each other with their swords at Atamayama, Kuri.
Their powers are equal and neither one of them will back off.
Kinemon: Stop right there! Inuarashi, Ashura!
In Amigasa Village, Tama's injuries have been treated.
It seems to be slight injuries, and Tama is recovered as much as she can sit up from her futon (comforter).
Tama: I worry more about Big Bro Luffy than about my own injuries.
Chopper: Luffy has monster-level recuperative power and he will never yield to anyone! Don't worry.
Chopper: Raizo said that he will help Luffy break out of the prison. Just leave the matter to him.
Again, In Atamayama, Shutenmaru breaks with Kinemon et al.
Shutenmaru: I am a samurai who admired Kozuki Oden and would risk my life for him.
Shutenmaru: I don't remember ever working for the Kozuki Clan!
Kinemon: Don't forget what kind of person I am! I'll definitely make you our nakama!
Shutenmaru: Don't think that people will be happy for the Kozuki Clan's samurais' return! You people abandoned the country for 20 years! That blank can never be made up!

Jack is getting preached by two very big guys.
One is the Beasts Pirates All-star "King the Fire".
The other one is also a Beasts Pirates All-star "Queen the Plague".
King: We only need one useless burden and that's you, you stupid Queen.
Queen: That's right! That's you, King!
Both: Do you understand? Jack the Drag-down! (Translator: as in "he's dragging us all down")
Jack: Sorry Big Bros.
King: You too, Queen! How much time did you take for those brats to subdue! You incapable retard!
Queen: Shut up! You torture-loving hentai asshole!

Supplementary Info:
King's got black feathers, wears a set of black suits, and a black mask. Everything is just black... And there's fire roaring from his back.
Queen is fat and bald.

(Upon reader's request)
Perona & some black cats furtively use Mihawk's red wine to make Sangaria (it's a Japanese beverage brand and one of its most famous product series is fruit wine. )

Who Is The Mysterious Prisoner In Wano’s Jail?

In the Udon region, people are put hard to work making weapons in Kaido’s factories. In the dungeons of these factories, one of the Beasts Pirates delivers a poisonous fish to a certain cell. Their orders are to give a poisonous and boneless fish to feed the prisoner inside, who seems to be still alive in spite of the poison.

The Beasts Pirate guards then rejoice as Luffy is brought in, and they taunt him. However, the mysterious prisoner spits out the fish skeleton at the guard and strikes him in the neck, causing him to be reprimanded for not taking the bones out of the fish as ordered. Who is he? Is he a new character? The lurking legend? Or a character that we already know? I think he might be the former Roger Pirate Scopper Gaban. I mean the first time we saw Rayleigh he was in a prison too and all the Supernovas were in attendance.

This time 8 Supernovas are present in Wano as well. I was thinking that the mysterious prisoner is so strong that he has been surviving on 1 poison fish per day for don’t know how long… so who’s this person that even Kaido wanna kill? I mean Kaido’s policy is if you are strong then i break your will and you work for me so maybe this person is mentally and physically so strong that he just can’t be broken like that so maybe he is Scopper Gaban. Kid, Luffy and Gaban might escape outta this prison together and then Gaban could train them about Armament/Conqueror’s Haki or Awakening so their chances of defeating Kaido would increase.

Monkey D. Luffy Reunites With Kid in Kaido’s Prison!

Trafalgar D. Water Law attempts to rescue the defeated Luffy, but is attacked by Hawkins and shot with a nail made out of Seastone, and he is unable to prevent Luffy’s capture. It seems like something went on between Law and Hawkins, not just fight, probably a deal? How did Law escape? Kaido notes that Luffy is still glaring at him, and tells his subordinates to throw him into a cell, saying that he will make a good subordinate once his will is broken.

However, as his subordinates move toward Luffy, they are suddenly knocked out by his Haoshoku Haki, and Shutenmaru recognizes it as an ability that Oden used. Kaido notes that Eustass Kid also used this Haki. Luffy is brought into a cell, and the guards say that starting tomorrow they will work him until his will breaks and he pledges allegiance to Kaido. In the cell next to Luffy’s is Kid, and both of them swear revenge against Kaido, which causes them to notice each other as the curtains are drawn on the first act of the Wano Country Arc.

I really like that Oda ended the Act 1 by bringing Kid back to the story, it’s been a while and his spirit is still strong. That moment with Luffy and Kid saying the same thing is really cool. The news about Luffy and Kaido’s fight circulates through Wano, and Franky, Robin, Usopp, and Zoro are completely aghast when they hear it. Meanwhile, Inuarashi and the Musketeers discover the injured Tama, and head into the forest to treat her immediately.At the ruins of Oden Castle, the Straw Hats and their allies have all survived, and Kiku prepares to tell them the current situation of Wano. This chapter confirms the uninevitable Luffy, Kid, and Law is likely going to happen again and I am sure these individuals will also play a pivotal role in taking down Kaido. Kid having Conqueror’s Haki probably means Law either has it and hasn’t shown it or will have it soon. So Act 1 of Wano arc is over. We’re heading back to Reverie or Act 2 is going to start in the next two weeks?!

One Piece Chapter 924 Spoiler Pics And Summaries

Law attempts to collect Luffy and escape, but he is stuck with a nail made of Seastone, sealing away his powers. Hawkins explains that Seastone, which has spread out through the world, originated in Wano Country, and the only craftsmen skilled enough to refine Seastone so small exist only in Wano Country. While still knocked out, Luffy still scowls at Kaido. Kaido orders his subordinates to throw Luffy in prison.

Kaido: "If we can break his spirits, then he can become a fine military power for us."

As all of the subordinates close in on Luffy, they all suddenly begin foaming at the mouth and collapse.

Shutenmaru: "That was Lord Oden's power just now... Did that guy do it!?"
Kaido: "So you have it too... just like that brat, Kid, who has that same Haoshoku Haki... Hardly anyone can use that Haoshoku."

Kaido puts off the retrieval of Law and flies off in order to start drinking again. While Law was stuck with the Seastone nail, a single person was able to successfully escape. In Okobore Town, Tsuru is attending to the wounded. Kinemon watches over her from the shadows. Kinemon is suprised after he sees Shutenmaru, who has gotten too close to his side.

Kinemon: (Ashura Douji!)

O-kiku arrives at the remains of Oden Castle and discovers a large pit. Inside the pit are Nami and the others. Shinobu can make whatever she touches mature with her "Juku Juku Bewitching Jutsu", and she was able to protect everyone by maturing the ground and making it sink.

Inuarashi discovers Tama barely breathing in the wastelands. He lays bare his anger at Kaido's actions. A special issue paper is being distributed throughout Wano Country. Ussop, Franky, and Robin read it with a horrifying speechless expression.

The next day in Wano Country, several samurai are being worked like slaves in a factory in Udon. A single guard approaches a cell with a poisonous fish and peers into it. The cell is dark, and you can not see into the farther areas.

"Anybody in here?"

”Well, '4 poisonous fish a day' and 'boneless fish.' Those two were the only things decided on."

The guard absentmindedly puts the fish in the cage without removing the bones.
A chained Luffy is brought there. Luffy draws his attention, and a bone from the poisonous fish goes flying from the middle of the cage and pierces the guard in the neck. The man, who's collapsed to the ground with blood running from his neck, asks who's in the cage, but nobody knows. Luffy is also put in this cage. Kaido's subordinates laugh loudly that Luffy is being put hard to work until his spirit breaks. Inside the cage, a similarly ragged Kid resides.

Luffy and Kid: "We remember... Kaido..."

"Hm? Ah... You..."

The stage curtain falls.
End of Act 1 of Wano Country.

End (Break next week)

Possible Kaido's fate by the end of Wano Arc

Kaido will end up dying at the end of wano. Oda implied that what was to come in wano would make the battle of marineford look cute. Marineford had two major deaths in battle so wano has to have at least that. Kaido, the main antagonist of the arc, that actually wants to die seems like the most logical death. As for how he gets beaten, I believe it will basically be similar to oars' defeat. Many people will take on kaido initially. Supernovas, samurai, and all the yonkou level characters in the alliance at some point. After all of them have done their best, kaido will still be standing but will have taken a beating. Then ultimately luffy will be the one to come through when everyone else is down and take kaido on in a 1v1, challenging kaido's legend.

Luffy will awaken his devil fruit. Possibly a new gear too, or at least a stronger and perfected form of gear fourth. He will also be pumped up on all sorts. Hawkins' tarot power boost. Moriah's shadows. Sanji's attack cuisine. Maybe even law's immortality surgery and whatever else characters have to buff someone.
Everyone will give their powers to luffy and trust him to be their hero. Luffy will take all of this in and with that power it will be enough to defeat kaido. So even after luffy beats kaido he won't be the strongest creature because of all the power boosts he had on him still allowing for some progression as he gets his actual body to that level and not simply have it be through boosts.

Not sure about how kaido dies. I hope there is some difference from whitebeard's death in how things play out, but for now I've got things down as:

-yonkou level allies all take on kaido and deal decent damage
-luffy gets buffed through allies' various powers and defeats kaido in a 1v1
-kaido gets killed by blackbeard.

Strawhat will leave Wano before being captured by Kaido!

Now that Luffy was one-shotted by Kaido,  I believe he will realize that in his current state he has no chance of beating of Kaido. So Luffy needs a power up and some kind of confidence boost, this is why I believe Luffy will need to leave Wano for that. Now to start with, I don’t think Luffy will be captured by Kaidou. I think Luffy will escape Kaidou either with Law or Shutenmaru’s help. The best way I think this will be possible is Law using Room to switch places with Luffy once he is being taken in by Kaidou’s underlings. This is where Luffy’s sword comes in handy. Since Luffy is wearing a sword, Law can switch places with his sword. Thereby he will be having his weapon with him in prison.  feel that after Luffy wakes up, he will see that Tama is in really bad health and Chopper does not have the skill within him to heal her. Seeing her in that state will make Luffy realise that all this was his fault and he needs to do something to save her. I think here is where Inuarashi will tell Luffy that Tama can be saved if he takes her to MARCO the Phoenix. I believe Marco will be able to heal Tama with his “Flames of Rebirth”. Also, note that the cat which he heals is also named Tama. Could this be a foreshadowing that he will heal her?

Going to Marco will serve quite a few purposes:

1. Tama will get healed. The first one is obvious because that is the main reason for the visit.

2. Luffy will see Ace’s grave. Since Marco is in the same Island Ace and Whitebeard are buried, it stands within reason that Luffy will go to see Ace’s grave. I believe that seeing Ace’s grave will strengthen his resolve to pursue his dream. Just like it did for Sabo.
3. Luffy will fulfill Ace’s promise to Tama. Since Luffy has taken Tama to another Island, he will partly fulfill Ace’s promise to her.

4. Luffy will get a power-up. I believe once there Luffy will find someone who I think will teach him how to awaken his Devil Fruit. It could be someone from Whitebeard Pirates, maybe Marco himself, or a former Roger Pirate like Scopper Gaban.
5. Chopper’s dream. I believe seeing Marco curing Tama, will give Chopper a clue about his dream to make his miracle cure for all diseases.

6. Edward Weevil. One of the most important things about this arc is Luffy’s encounter with the final Shichibukai. I think Weevil will somehow find out about where Marco is by someone following Luffy in his journey to Marco. In any case, I think he will arrive there after Luffy learns the theory in awakening his Devil Fruit.
Weevil will then obliterate everyone around and since Marco is healing Tama, I think he cannot take part in the battle. So it will be up to Luffy to stop him. In this fight, I think Luffy will learn how to use awakening or any other power up.

7. New Allies to war. After this battle, I think Weevil will become a friend of Luffy. And might even help in the battle against Kaidou. Because personally, Weevil does not seem to be bad. It’s only because of his mother that he was killing the former Whitebeard allies.
Also since Luffy beats Weevil and saves the people of the Island, Marco might also join the crew.
Further, Luffy could meet Gekko Moriah here. He could have been the one who might have tipped Weevil about Luffy being here. And in the distraction, he would try to steal Ace and Whitebeard’s bodies. But ultimately with his plans in ruin and seeing how Luffy is prepared to fight Kaidou, he might join the alliance as well.
Anyway, this could be in a way Luffy making a lot of allies. Since Luffy will have 2 weeks time, I think will be the best way Luffy can get stronger and get a few allies to his war against Kaidou. Also since it is Law who gets captured, he could secretly convince Kidd to join his alliance in the prison.

One Piece Chapter 923 Spoiler Pics And Summaries

Kaido falls straight to the ground after being punched by Luffy.In order to determine the state of his friends, Luffy heads towards Oden Castle but discovers a bettered Speed. She tells him that she was discovered by Kaido whilst heading towards Tama's home and was defeated in battle by him, and was unable to protect Tama.Luffy regrets not completely seeing Tama home himself.
Law proposes, " I don't know what will transpire while Kaido is drunk. In the meantime, let's escape!".
However, Luffy refuses. "if I beat him now, it will be the end of all this! We don't know whether Kinemon and the others as well as mine and your crewmembers are okay!"
"Kaido! Over here!""Hicc, you are...?""Luffy, the man who will become Pirate King!"Kaido releases a Boro Breath but Luffy avoids it by jumping up into the air. Kaido returns to his human form and collapses to the ground while lying spread-eagled. However, Luffy doesn't relax his efforts and transforms into Boundman, releasing a Kong Organ at Kaido. Luffy fervently continues his barrage on Kaido. Around the time Luffy becomes tired and panting after his barrage of attacks, Kaido sobers up and stands up.
"Thunder Divination"Kaido sends Luffy flying with his club. Luffy lies on the ground unconsious with blood running from his head.
"Just what kind of King will you become? Brat..."

Viceroy Kaido is going to capture Strawhats

In the recent chapters the Kaido of the Beasts appears in his dragon form. He destroys Oden’s castle with devastating fire breath. That got me thinking, he looks too strong and invincible. I think, right now, there’s no way that Luffy and company can even scratch him. In one of the last page of the previous chapter we saw that the beam that Kaido shoots is going to hit the Straw Hat crew, there’s no way they can avoid that.

Luffy immediately responds by punching him in the head with Elephant Gun. The face of Kaido looks like he’s going to say in the next chapter “oh, a big fly, gtfo.” I mean, look at the difference of size, Kaido is huge. In my opinion Kaido will proceed to mess the Straw Hats up pretty bad, putting Luffy’s life at risk. Luffy’s life being at risk will cause his Vivre Card to start to fade, drawing the attention of the Grand Fleet to Wano.

This is where the mass of Luffy’s forces will come from for this war. Though I believe the real fun comes when we flash back to Reverie after Luffy has been captured by Kaido. Sabo will be in the middle of his plan to attack the Celestial Dragons when he notices his brother’s Vivre Card fading. This will cause the plans to go awry. What happens from here I can’t say it’s to unpredictable. But if these sequences of events unfold we should be in for one hell of a ride.

One Piece Chapter 922 Spoiler Pics And Summaries

Chapter 922 Hundred Beasts Pirates Governor-General Kaido

Momonosuke becomes distressed at seeing Kaido's dragon form.
Law reports to Kinemon that they have figured out his, Luffy's, and Zoro's true identities.
On top of that, Kaido's target are the ones who interrupted his Smile dealings, Luffy and himself, which is not a hindrance to Kinemon's strategy.
Concerned about Kaido appearing in the skies above Okobore Town, Luffy heads off on his own towards the town. Law is angry that the plan will be ruined if Luffy makes a move due to his emotions and chases after him. Kinemon and O-Kiku also head down the mountain in order to rescue O-Tsuru.

In Bakura Town, the townsfolk and bandits have created a commotion during their attempt to run away from Kaido.
Kaido (glaring at Shutenmaru) "I remember you..."
In Shutenmaru's mind, he recalls a time when he fought a dragon. For whatever reason, Kaido is drunk and cheerfully states to Shutenmaru, "If you become my subordinate, I'll forget about the past."
Jack is troubled that it will be a huge crisis if drunk Kaido rampages as the citizens of Okobore town are the labor force for the factories. Hawkins displays quick wit and relays to Kaido that Luffy and Law are present at Oden Castle. perhaps an influence of the legends, there has been a rumor spreading amongst the people about suspicious light emanating from Oden Castle.

"If that structure is also fanning the flames of Shogun Orochi's fears, then perhaps destroying that empty castle would be killing two birds with one stones."
Hawkins explains to Jack the reason why he directed Kaido towards Oden Castle.
Nami and the others are desperately preparing for their escape as Kaido has suddenly headed their direction. Kaido opens his gigantic mouth.
The ruins are blown away with one strike of Kaido's breath. While even Jack and Hawkins are stunned by Kaido's overwhelming power, the silhouette of a person appears right above Kaido.
"Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun!"
Having witnessed his friends being hurt right in front of him, Luffy hammers into Kaido an attack of anger.

Ronoroa Zoro Will Lead The Samurai's Of Wano

Shutenmaru, a master thief, skilled enough to steal from Orochi’s farm without being stopped by any of the samurais or Beasts Pirates working under the shogun, and to hide from them for weeks without being discovered. A testament to Shutenmaru’s combat abilities is that Kaido, one of the Yonko, wants him to become his subordinate. The Beasts Pirates respect for Shutenmaru also manifested when Holdem believed that Monkey D. Luffy’s strength made it likely that he was Shutenmaru’s subordinate. Despite his large size, Shutenmaru is extremely fast, being capable of charging towards Jack in a instant. He also possesses a fair amount of endurance, as he was seemingly unaffected when Jack cut him in the shoulder. Shutenmaru is a powerful master swordsman.

With one slash, he was able to give Jack a large cut across his chest and break one of his shotel blades. He then proceeded to fight evenly with Kaido’s right-hand man in what spectators considered to be a high-level duel. Well, I believe that Shutenmaru is Ashura Douji. Ashura Doji is a resident of Wano Country. He was once the most dangerous man in the formerly lawless region of Kuri before being defeated by Kozuki Oden. Shutenmaru only respects strong Samurais. In chapter 921 he said “ in this country there are no real men, who strong samurai (like himself) would join. The days of Wano are numbered.”
I believe Shutenmaru is waiting for someone like Oden. Shutenmaru was a honorable Samurai after Oden defeated him, now that Oden is deceased Shutenmaru went bad again, he’s a troublesome bad man, when he will see Zoro he will be a good Samurai. Furthermore Zoro said in Zou, that he will gather all Samurai together for Luffy. Maybe Zoro will fight and defeat the leader of the Atamaya Thieves and Shutenmaru will join the strong leader of the Samurai Zoro. Zoro will be the leader of the Samurais that Ashura Douji aka Shutenmaru is waiting for and Zoro will make his promise true to gather all Samurais in Wano together. What do you guys thing? Could this be true?

One Piece Chapter 921 Spoiler Pics And Summaries

The Fire Festival is a grand spectacle held yearly
The festival celebrates Kaido as the great king who protects the country. On that day, Orochi Shogun holds a parade going to Onigashima to pay homage
There will be a banquet hosted by officials and the Beast Pirates

Kinemon draws some pictures on a piece of paper including a fire, a two-winged island and a converse crescent moon
The fire represents the festival, the two-winged island represents the Chinese Zodiac Bird and the moon represents their rebellion. He also draws a port.

Franky managed to draw a diagram of Kaido's estate after becoming an apprentice of his carpenter
Robin is drawing closer to Orochi as a geisha and is working on a strategy
Kinemon thinks Brook's ability will be relevant to the city's food supplies
Nami's weather techniques are like a Kunoichi (might mean she will disguise herself as one?)
Sanji's cooking helps him gather people together and find the ones they're looking for
Carrot and Chopper are going to talk to Inu
Everyone gets a disguise from Kinemon
Everyone changes into Japanese clothes, Nami in a revealing Kimono
While nosebleeding, Kinemon insists that this is what kunoichis look like
Kinemon wants to go look for 3 strong allies, among them Ashura Doji

The food Luffy brought to Okobore town is taken by some mountain bandits
The townsfolk resist but are no match for them
Their boss Shutenmaru points his katana at the townsfolk, there are no strong samurai around to protect them
They say that without strong samurai, this country is done for
Jack comes for Shutenmaru
Jack says he thought Luffy would be there, Shutenmaru says he doesn't know
If you wanna live, you gotta become Kaido's underling, Jack tells him
Quick as a flash, Shutenmaru cuts Jack
'Don't underestimate the Samurai!'
The two fight almost equally but Jack proves superior
While they fight, the sky turns grey
Law tells Luffy to look at the sky.
A dragon's form is shown among the clouds telling Jack to bring those kids to him.
Law tells us it is Kaido.


Ronoroa Zoro's Major Fights In Wano

As we know each new arc we get has a theme or is centred around one of the members of the Straw Hat crew in some way or another. In Whole Cake Island we had the Sanji arc and now in the Wano arc it will most likely be centred around Zoro, and I’m assuming Oda will give Zoro a good few strong opponents to do battle with. So how this would come about is, for a past few chapters now we have been made aware that Jack the Drought survived and is currently in Wano at the moment. Now with Luffy knocking out Holdem, Jack is apparently going to go on a rampage and look for Luffy. Meanwhile we see Zoro going on one of his walk abouts again and as usual he is going to get lost and into trouble as he always does (eg. Like when he almost sliced up a Celestial Dragon on Sabaody Archipelago or two years later accidentally getting on the wrong ship bounAs we know each new arc we get has a theme or is centred around one of the members of the Straw Hat crew in some way or another. In Whole Cake Island we had the Sanji arc and now in the Wano arc it will most likely be centred around Zoro, and I’m assuming Oda will give Zoro a good few strong opponents to do battle with. So how this would come about is, for a past few chapters now we have been made aware that Jack the Drought survived and is currently in Wano at the moment. Now with Luffy knocking out Holdem, Jack is apparently going to go on a rampage and look for Luffy. Meanwhile we see Zoro going on one of his walk abouts again and as usual he is going to get lost and into trouble as he always does (eg. Like when he almost sliced up a Celestial Dragon on Sabaody Archipelago or two years later accidentally getting on the wrong ship bound for Fishman Island), now this time around it is going to lead him directly to Jack either by walking into him directly or by having one of Jack’s subordinates see him and reporting it to Jack.

Now with Jack’s status as a Calamity and being one of the 3 Top fighters in the Beast Pirates, his Bounty of 1 Billion is nothing to laugh at and it will definitely be a tough fight for Zoro to handle at first, then we will have a little bit of a flashback of Zoro’s training with Mihawk, and Zoro unleashing his new techniques he has been honing for the past two years. After the fight with Zoro being the winner and eventually being found by one of the Straw Hat crew or even someone from the Alliance, Zoro will have a bit of a rest to regain his strength so he might not be seen for a few chapters, while the rest of the crew and Alliance face off against the Beast Pirates and the Shogun’s forces. Now once Zoro has regained stamina, Zoro will move onto his next big fight which will be against the Shogun Kurozumi Orochi. Orochi uses a sword-style known as “Orochi Two-Place Style” so that could mean he is very proficient in Nitoryu (Two swords) techniques, but where I’m taking my theory comes from a few other panels in the chapter itself and that is where Kishiro Inemuri is talking about how Oden’s wife spoke about “The moonlight will cast 9 shadows across the moonlit nights”.

Now this to me had two meanings: 1. There are 9 Straw Hat members currently in Wano (not including Jimbei as he hasn’t been seen yet). 2. Zoro can use Asura to create 6 more swords added to his 3 using 9 swords. These are the two big fights I’m predicting at the moment, he might face off against one of the Headliners as well but they’ll pale in comparison to these two, as Oda stated this war will be the biggest yet, and I’m sure a lot of the Straw Hats will get a few fights in with major players in the Beast Pirates and the Shogun’s Forces.d for Fishman Island), now this time around it is going to lead him directly to Jack either by walking into him directly or by having one of Jack’s subordinates see him and reporting it to Jack. Now with Jack’s status as a Calamity and being one of the 3 Top fighters in the Beast Pirates, his Bounty of 1 Billion is nothing to laugh at and it will definitely be a tough fight for Zoro to handle at first, then we will have a little bit of a flashback of Zoro’s training with Mihawk, and Zoro unleashing his new techniques he has been honing for the past two years. After the fight with Zoro being the winner and eventually being found by one of the Straw Hat crew or even someone from the Alliance, Zoro will have a bit of a rest to regain his strength so he might not be seen for a few chapters, while the rest of the crew and Alliance face off against the Beast Pirates and the Shogun’s forces. Now once Zoro has regained stamina, Zoro will move onto his next big fight which will be against the Shogun Kurozumi Orochi. Orochi uses a sword-style known as “Orochi Two-Place Style” so that could mean he is very proficient in Nitoryu (Two swords) techniques, but where I’m taking my theory comes from a few other panels in the chapter itself and that is where Kishiro Inemuri is talking about how Oden’s wife spoke about “The moonlight will cast 9 shadows across the moonlit nights”. Now this to me had two meanings: 1. There are 9 Straw Hat members currently in Wano (not including Jimbei as he hasn’t been seen yet). 2. Zoro can use Asura to create 6 more swords added to his 3 using 9 swords. These are the two big fights I’m predicting at the moment, he might face off against one of the Headliners as well but they’ll pale in comparison to these two, as Oda stated this war will be the biggest yet, and I’m sure a lot of the Straw Hats will get a few fights in with major players in the Beast Pirates and the Shogun’s Forces.

Kozuki Hiyori’s real Identity

Here is how I think it went down! First, it was shown for a fact that excluding oden and toki, there were nine other graves! That simply clearly points towards the fact that the nine people that toki talked about were not the strawhats, and not supernova captains, and not nine samurai who wield swords. But rather toki simply talked about the 9 people she sent into the future that they will bring down orochi!

Okay, first let's discuss the options that toki has done to hiyori! Shall we? There are simply four possibilities that could have happened to hiyori!

1. First option, is that toki let hiyori stay in the same timeline. And I'm sorry, that is just nonsense for three reasons: first, there is no way that she would let her stay in this dangerous place to die while transporting others to future and not include her daughter hahaha. Secondly, because toki was shown alone when she gave the speech about the 9 people who will bring down orochi! Sure it was a silhouette, but still she was shown standing alone in the fire! And third, hiyori is an important member of the 9 who toki hinted at who will take down orochi, so she wouldn't stay in the same timeline to die!

2. The second option, toki sent hiyori into the same future and time as momo's group. Now, that would be impossible, because of one fact, she was not next to them just like that other samurai with the hat (and probably other members at different locations being sent). In any case, momo, kinemon, raizo, kanjuro, and kiku, they all were transported into the same future, and they basically were standing on the same location, which was oden castle when they were being transported, so that's why they were in the same place, and if hiyori was sent into the same future as momo's group, she would have appeared next to them! So, that option is out of the question to me!

3. The third option, toki sent hiyori into the future but a future that is after momo's time. Meaning, she still did not arrive! Cause she will appear in the future still. Now, that is not a convincing logic for toki to do it. Why would she do that? It would not make any sense at all. First, that will make her unlikely to be part of the 9 people she talked about cause she will not take part in the upcoming event, same as the other samurai group who came with her. Secondly, oda will have no reason to invent a character like this who will take no part! Like, it does not add up to me! That's why I do not consider this option to be at any case a good option to pull off, but who knows!

4. Lastly, the 4th option is that toki sent hiyori into the future, but a future that is before momo's group arrival. That simply first would explain why hiyori did not appear next to momo's group, same as that other samurai with the hat who probably appeared next to hiyori at the same spot and time to look after her as well as some other group of samurai retainers (not inuarashi and nekumamushi cause they were not among the ones who were sent into future by toki, so they are not among the people who had graves)! Second thing, it would make sense for toki to send her either with momo's group and wait until they are ready for war, or send her before momo! And I'm talking about this because of hiyori's age, which from how it looks, momo looks like the older brother while hiyori might be even way younger!

And if that's that case, and her age is like 2 years old for example, then she will make a huge burden for momo's group to wage a war, and they will have to look after her cause people at that young age will simply render them! And I'm not talking about momo, cause at least momo can realize what is danger and he can run away, he can hold a stick, he can talk...Etc! Those might be things that hiyori still didn't manage to have where she is at a very early age that people need to carry her, and feed her, and protect her as a child. It's why she was being carried by toki in that panel! So, the best option I think toki would do is to actually make her travel into a future that is before momo's arrival, so that when momo arrives, she actually has grown a bit to where she can not be of a huge burden!

Note: I also think because of o-tama's age when she was sent into the future before momo, she was at very early age, people like heitetsu and the person with that hat and so on, the group that were transported with o-tama, they might have hidden the fact about her being hiyori and they told her she's o-tama cause kids spill the beans very easily. I mean look at doffy for example who spilled the beans about being a cilistial dragon very easily to the citizens which got them into huge trouble! That is why the treatment towards o-tama were different from the treatment with momo who was already aware for what's happening during his age! And o-tama was being taught by heitetsu and other group of samurai who came with her that kozuki clan are good people while orochi is bad, and they are enemy! It's why she has those kinds of value, and it's why despite the public being fooled that the kozuki are dead, she is one of those who believe that kozuki clan will come back and take back their place from orochi, and that simply was being taught to her by heitetsu and the group of people who came into her timeline. Which is why she knows this stuff, but simply she doesn't know the full truth that she traveled in time as well, and that she's from kozuki and she's oden's daughter because she was too small as a child to understand and someone like heitetsu was hiding this info from her cause she was not ready yet!

That's my full belief on the hiyori matter!

One Piece Chapter 920 Spoiler Pics And Summaries

Oden Castle's real name is The Castle of Kuri.
They call it as "Oden Castle" because Oden was so popular in this land.
Oden was the son of former Shogun "Kozuki Sukiyaki", and was exiled out of the Flower Capital because he caused violence many times.
There are lawless places in Wano and Kuri was the most violent one. Even Shogun's family couldn't help this situation.
However, Oden was able to defeat the most dangerous guy in Kuri, whose name is Ashura Douji.
Then, Oden built towns in Kuri and gave those people job in this lawless area.
Sukiyaki rewarded him as "the Daimyo of Kuri
Meanwhile, Zoro is getting lost somewhere.

Inuarashi is standing on Kuri's beach and thinking his old past with Oden.
Inuarashi was a wandering man and people thought that he is creepy.
However, Oden treated him in a very friendly way.
Kinemon continues the story. They reach the core of this whole story when Kin starts talking about a Samurai that made Whitebeard and Roger "fall for" him.
The core part is not shown, the only thing we get is "In the end, Oden had a grand and honorable death."

Kinemon says they tried to reach the castle, but it was already burnt by Kaidou.
There were 3 people in the castle, Momonosuke, his sister Hiyori, and their mother Kozuki Toki.
There existed a rumor that Toki was born in the far away past, but she herself stated that she traveled to the future with the power of the Toki Toki.
Toki sent them to the future, and the only thing they could see is a wasteland Wano.
So they starts to find all the helping forces to take down Orochi.
A man named Jibuemon said he has waited them for 20 years.
Kinemon: The samurais that we can fight together all have a moon mark on their ankle.

Break next week.

Kozuki Oden's Wife Being Alive

Based on the statement of kyoshiro "Oden's wife stood in front of castle" and cursed orochi, and the drawing as well looks as if oden's wife's face is towards the flames of burning castle, which possibly suggests that she herself was not inside castle and also as we can see it is shown many times that there are total of eleven graves of which three of them belongs to kozuki family which those graves includes the nine sheaths/swords of oden as well but what makes it more suspicious about oden's wife is that the third kozuki grave's name is hidden intentionally, which means if that third kozuki name was written a male or someone else other than oden's wife then we could instantly know that oden's wife is not dead.

Which if the time had came to introduce oden's wife then the introduction would lose all the shock factor since we had already known she was alive or possibly there might be another hidden intention of oda's.

And yes momonosuke did mention that even her mother suffered/killed by kaido's hands but it is possible that it is just that momonosuke thinks so but in reality she is still kept alive most likely because of the possible devil fruit powers that she had, which could be the cause of time travel, the curse that kyoshiro mentioned caused by devil fruit and judging kinemon's statement in the past samurais of wano didn't/don't know about devil fruit probably that is the reason kyoshiro and others thinks of it as a curse instead of devil fruit ability however kaido most likely knows what powers it is that's why she is being kept alive and probably wanted to capture momonosuke in order to blackmail her and also it is possible that this devil fruit and oden's wife could actually be the answer for all the crimes during the void century and it is her ability that might enable luffy and others to change the history of one piece world by traveling to past/joyboy's era.

The Mystery of One Piece Time Travel

In the previous chapter Kinemon reveals that Momonosuke, Kanjuro, Raizo, Kiku, and himself have time traveled twenty years from the past. Meanwhile, the money changer Kyoshiro, while intoxicated, starts to laugh as he recalls a situation that Orochi has found himself in. 20 years ago, the wife of Oden proclaimed a curse on Orochi, who interpreted it as a prophecy that nine samurai would kill him in revenge and open Wano’s borders in 20 years.

Kyoshiro mocks Orochi for believing this and living in fear now that 20 years have passed, as there should be no Kozuki Family member still alive and able to take revenge. So we got this huge bombshell leaving the community in a frenzy, many like me are excited and hyped, however, I did see a few people also worried that this “no rules” time travel can introduce complications and plotholes if not handled well.  want to know from some of these people, what in the story so far, has hinted to it being “no rules” time travel. I think this is nothing more than a backstory, a one time event, and no going to the past. Here are my list of reasons:

1. Momonosuke said back on Zou, that he wants to “avenge his parents death”, not go in the past to change it.
2. They are gathering people for a fight in the near future, not the past.

3. If they could go back in time, why not go back in time instead of future, and stop Orochi by messing with the past?

4. Oden’s wife said this “If there is one wish that can be fulfilled, it will be that nine shadows are “casted and woven” together through 20 years of moonlit nights to seek vengeance.” (If this refers to Kinemon’s group, then it sounds like they didn’t use or have a time power, rather some time power was casted & used on them to throw them “forwards”. Maybe Oden’s wife ultimate fruit ability with dire drawback like Law, since it says if “only one wish can be fulfilled”.)
5. What business do they have in the past??

6. Let’s say Luffy Alliance win the war, even then, they still will not go back in past since there is no peace there.

One Piece Chapter 919 Spoiler Pics And Summaries

The Ruins of Oden Castle
Tama heads home whilst being protected by Speed. The citizens of Okobore Town express their thanks to Luffy and the others as they head towards Oden Castle. They ask that Kiku also come along in order to help them search for their target.

Around that same time in the Flower Capital, several children are working hard at their studies. Their teacher (a rokuro kubi). They ask them what is the policy of seclusion.

The children answer that is a closing off of the country in order to protect the peace. The teacher then asks what is opening up the country. The children answer that it is a very evil action inviting bad people and ideas into the country.

The teacher explains that there were once wicked people who attempted to open up the country. All the children exclaim in unison "Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards"* (actual translation up in the air).

The teacher explains that there was hero who punished these wicked men. The children exclaim "Shogun Kurozumi Orochi!

In a restaurant in the capital, there is a certain money-exchanger drinking sake.
His name is the Dozing Kyoushirou. He curses that Orochi is a coward. That is what Oden's wife cursed while Oden castle was ablaze 20 years ago.

The moon knows not of the dawn.
If it comes to pass, then that determination will cast nine shadows from the moonlight that interweaves 20 years together.
Then you will know the dazzling dawn.

Kyoushirou explains that Orochi interpreted this incantation as the spirits of nine samurai will appear in the moonlight 20 years later.

Luffy and the others arrive at the ruins of Oden castle.
In front of these ruins, Kiku begins to cry and runs off.
Luffy becomes flustered after discovering the graves of Kinemon and the others.
Kinemon himself arrives there. Kiku returns after finding Kinemon and hugs him with all her might.

In the meantime, Momonosuke and Sanji's group meet up with them. Now that everyone is present, they all converse and head towards inside the castle. Kinemon confesses to Luffy the secret they were hiding.

"You guys already know Kanjuurou, Raizou, and thus the three people here... makes a total of 5! We are people of the past who have attempted to hide something. The truth is that we have crossed over from the Wano Country 20 years ago!"


The Seven Ghosts of Wano

In the latest chapter Law tells Luffy and Zoro that they are going to relocate to the ruins of Oden Castle on top of a nearby mountain. He says they are going to meet the ghosts of Wano country, revealing that they are going to be a surprise for Luffy. On the top of the mountain are graves for Kozuki Oden, Momonosuke, Kin’emon, Kanjuro, and Raizo. Law said the “7 Ghosts of Wano” but there are 8 graves…What does this mean? First we have to deduce Wano’s Chronology with as many facts as I can and then deduce the situation to explain this apparent phenomenon.

Oden’s History

Lord Oden travelled with Roger to Raftel where he learnt the secret of the world.
When Oden was recruited, he was a young apprentice like Shanks and Buggy implying he was a kid at the time. When Shanks was 14 (Oden still a kid at the time), Roger became Pirate King which was 25 years ago.

After Roger became Pirate King, the crew disbanded almost immediately meaning Oden returned back to Wano at age 14 and if we extend it by a few more years, 17 years; Tokugawa Ienari became a shogun at the mere age of 14, so it wouldn’t be surprising for Oden to have been Shogun once he returned to Wano. For now, we’ll just assume Oden was the same age as Shanks which would mean if Oden were alive, he’d be 39 years old too. The idea that Momonosuke is somehow 20+ years old would be somewhat inaccurate because Oden was still just a kid and far too young to have had a kid especially outside of his Country, Wano.

Wano Post Roger’s Death

5 years after Oden had returned and become the Shogun of Wano, he’d have been aged 19. He held some ideologies that caused a riff between himself and Orochi; he must have been advocating the idea of Wano opening it’s borders and there must have been opposition from Orochi who is now Shogun. This would have been 20 years ago from the current time.
More so to support the former bullet point, we’re told the Paradise Farm Oden of the Kozuki clan created was taken by the Orochi and his officials which indicates the instability in Wano. It means most of Wano was slowly driven into poverty and farmine since Orochi took over the farm 20 years ago.

12 years after Oden lost his paradise farm, or rather, 8 years ago at the age of 31(as we assume Oden is the same age as Shanks), Monosuke was born, thus the reason he’s 8 years old; Lord Oden never died 20 years ago, otherwise Momonosuke couldn’t have been born, to say otherwise is completely untrue.

Momonosuke remembering advice from his father about the world; this is the kind of sage advice a Shogun gives to his successor despite being so young and more so born in a country in civil-war or instability at the very least.

3 years ago, Ace arrived to a Wano that had been driven into poverty for over a decade.

Over a year ago, X Drake was added as a headliner to Kaido’s forces implying Kaido must at least have allied with the Shogun at least before X Drake was added.

Currently or in this time-line, before the Straw Hats all headed for Fishman Island, Zou was already at war with Jack. Based on all this, I’m more inclined to believe Kaido got involved with Wano sometime between Ace’s visit and X Drake being added as a headliner a year ago. Via some intelligence by Kaido who realised Oden was the key to finding out the secret of the World, an alliance between the Shogun and Kaido was formed, the Kozuki clan were chased out out the country and escaped to form an alliance.

In order to nip in the bud the seed of rebellion, the Shogun has created graves for the Kozuki clan to stop people hoping and firmly keep an iron-tight grip on the nation.

The reason they’re called ghosts of Wano is likely because they’re supposedly dead to the people of Wano. Even speaking the Kozuki clan name is regarded as a crime. After-all, we know Kinemon and co. are all alive as we’ve seen people interact with them.