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The One Piece 921 chapter discussion! So we finally know what the straw hats in Wano have really been up to, it's interesting to see that the infiltration went rather well for them until now. Jack didn't waste time to come, we finally see a samurai who's stronger than the ones shown so far but against Jack it's not enough. And finally this chapter confirms the old theory, that I was sure to be true, that Kaido is indeed the user of the Dragon Zoan devil fruit and he's already here, the situation is going to be really dire for the alliance right now. Kaido being a dragon isn't too surprising since Kin'emon hates dragons and how he got on sky island, I'm just happy that we're finally seeing a dragon zoan devil fruit. Unless Kaido is already a dragon and he ate the Oni Oni fruit, but I'm going to take the safer route and guess that Kaido ate a dragon zoan devil fruit. I can’t wait to see Shutenmaru’s design as well as the Kunoichi and the powerful allies that Kin’emon was talking about unless they’re shadowed out. This was truly worth the break. Oda said Luffy will defeat Kaido but he doesn't known how yet, and wants to refrain from something like "hitting him really hard." Most dragons in folklore were thought to be immune to damage let alone killable due to their scales and the only way to get to their flesh was by bypassing said scales. I wonder if Kaido's scar will be scale-less.

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This is Page 7 of One Piece 921, click or swipe the image to go to Page 8 of the manga. Some further additions. Kinemon said they're not here to wage war, just defeat the key figures while having very few subordinates. Don't forget Oda said Marineford will look like child's play compared to Wano. We're getting war for sure, lol. I think what's about to happen is Zoro fulfilling his promise: rounding up the Samurai to take on Kaido by displaying his strength defeating a bunch of Kaido's henchmen. Enjoy the latest chapter here at OnePiece900.
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It's also said of the Samurai, they were either captured or turned into bandits; it looks like Zoro will be doing something reminiscent to Oden who defeated the strongest criminal of Wano and rallied men to his side. Perhaps, it's why Oda didn't have Zoro there to hear the story and of course, to set this up and to incite the chaos this arc needs to be interesting. I wouldn't be surprised if the plan commenced earlier and the allies pop up late and one at a time. Like Nekomamushi and Marco comes first while they're already fighting, Strawhat alliance comes later and Jinbei comes last etc. The marines are going to show up as well and Kidd is there too. I don't know which one I want to see first; the whole alliance together or them arriving later and helping like this.

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