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The One Piece 921 chapter discussion! So we finally know what the straw hats in Wano have really been up to, it's interesting to see that the infiltration went rather well for them until now. Jack didn't waste time to come, we finally see a samurai who's stronger than the ones shown so far but against Jack it's not enough. And finally this chapter confirms the old theory, that I was sure to be true, that Kaido is indeed the user of the Dragon Zoan devil fruit and he's already here, the situation is going to be really dire for the alliance right now. Kaido being a dragon isn't too surprising since Kin'emon hates dragons and how he got on sky island, I'm just happy that we're finally seeing a dragon zoan devil fruit. Unless Kaido is already a dragon and he ate the Oni Oni fruit, but I'm going to take the safer route and guess that Kaido ate a dragon zoan devil fruit. I can’t wait to see Shutenmaru’s design as well as the Kunoichi and the powerful allies that Kin’emon was talking about unless they’re shadowed out. This was truly worth the break. Oda said Luffy will defeat Kaido but he doesn't known how yet, and wants to refrain from something like "hitting him really hard." Most dragons in folklore were thought to be immune to damage let alone killable due to their scales and the only way to get to their flesh was by bypassing said scales. I wonder if Kaido's scar will be scale-less.

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This is Page 1 of One Piece 921, click or swipe the image to go to Page 2 of the manga. So I was thinking two weeks is quite a long time in one piece timeline. As per plan they wait out for two weeks in secrecy and attack on that night. Obviously that's not gonna happen. Here are my thoughts on how tentatively things are gonna go from what we know.

From here: For sure jack will come in within a day or two, destroy bakura possibly even kidnap otama triggering luffy anyways whether he kidnaps or not. Bigmom openly communicated with kaido because she knew any forces that could stop her meeting are busy in reverie and reverie is for one week so these seven days are her best chance to go to wano without encountering any hassle thrown from the marines. Events at reverie like dragon, sabo and revolutionary commanders attacking will quite surely make marines prioritize reverie than wano and that further delays kizaru's arrival to wano. Enjoy the latest chapter here at OnePiece900.
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Meaning admirals would join the show when everybody is quite weakened. Also since world government/marines would see this as a perfect chance to take heads of already weakened kaido, bigmom and luffy so there is a very high possibility of more than one admiral kizaru or ryukugyu's debut and fujitora maybe atleast. So what I'm saying is, expect bigmom to jump in within a few days , far before the raid on onigishima could even begin. And till then we'll have jack coming to bakura. More focus on other supernovas , learning more about shogun and his army or other calamities.
Zoro landing up somewhere important preceding chaos. Lastly if two weeks from now we have that sulong night then we can expect the round two then. Although if bigmom and kaido even temporarily team up then guess there wont be a round two. What are your thoughts guys on these plus how do you see it going from here?

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OnePiece Times said...

Have anyone thought of this? If this arc is based on the momotaro story, it might be Momonosuke who commands Zunisha in the end to defeat Kaido unless Kaido is that powerful of course this doesn't mean there won't be any supernovas vs Kaidou or w/e other Kaidou fights. This means I think Luffy may not be the one to land the final hit, not saying he'd be KOed or anything but if Kaido is that powerful, fighting Whitebeard and whoever other top names back in the day, he may not be able to be taken down in group effort by all of our fighters and even with their support fighters like Nami. Don't think slippery rain or lightning will do much here. Does Kaidou have a way to counter Law's DF? But then again as Kinemon (and Buggy...) depicted, you can still fight after being hacked apart. So think of the Strawhat vs Oars fight except this one literally goes nowhere and even if they can push him back, he wouldn't go down so "Momo" uses Zunisha if she is indeed nearby. Also, Zunisha has been around for so long, can she (she is a she right?) be considered an ancient weapon, albeit one that and aged?

All Might said...

You know what readers do? Tell their claims based on what they mostly read or watch, and most of the time forget stuff until someone tells them. Also the claims they tend to tell other readers are based on their biased opinions. Lol and when showed some facts or examples that contradicts their claims or opinions, starts to exaggerate or get butthurt because they can truthfully remember what they’ve missed.

You are right that authors tend to hype a bad guy just so it would seem that it’s impossible for other’s especially the protagonist to defeat him. But I guess you forgot the fact that when they try to show the audience the “overexaggeration” that u were saying, they were actually right at that time. Considering that, at that time they show us how overpowered a bad guy is, a power up hasnt been developed by the protagonist. Also, if you look at the battles these bad guys fight, most of the time they’re not 1vs1. And most of these strong, invincible, bad guys will have their energy drained, get over exhausted, break bones or limbs, get stabbed several times, before they’ll get defeated by the protagonist. Like in majin buu’s case, he got defeated by goku-with the help of a million living creatures giving some of their energy. In op’s case, if you think that the bad guys, let’s say kaidou for instance, I bet you he’ll lose the same way most of the bad guys lost. Fight several opponents and not getting a tiny bit of luck in the end.
Let me tell you this, even if you are a very good gambler, or let’s say you’re the best gambler, you still can’t beat the luckiest person out there. In this case, the probability of kaidou losing 1v1 is close to impossible, and luffy beating him is about the same. Not because luffy is stronger, but only because he’s the main character.
I bet you all my paychecks that if oda got a replacement for luffy, he wont defeat kaidou.

Koro Sensei said...

- One Piece 921 Chapter tittle "Shutenmaru".
- Shutenmaru Vs Jack.
- Kaido is a big dragon (he's Dragon Zoan user or something like that).

Saaya Kwon said...





Jessie Vard said...

Finally another mythical zoan user, until now we've only had marco and his phoenix.
Not totally surprised though, everybody speculated he was either gonna have dragon or a oni devil fruit. Kaido's scale tattoos and his dragon moustache hinted it.
Plus this also explains how he got to sky island all by himself, he probably transformed into a dragon and flew up there!

His toughness could be due to the dragon scales.
Im more curious as to how this will supposedly explain kaido's immortality or invulnerability. or maybe his body and dragon devil fruit is just really tough.
God damn, just imagine Kaido's dragon form, must be cool as hell!
I want to see kaido breathe fire and shoot flames hotter than Ace!
Who would've thought that the King of the Beasts was actually a reptile and not a mammal.

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