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The One Piece 921 chapter discussion! So we finally know what the straw hats in Wano have really been up to, it's interesting to see that the infiltration went rather well for them until now. Jack didn't waste time to come, we finally see a samurai who's stronger than the ones shown so far but against Jack it's not enough. And finally this chapter confirms the old theory, that I was sure to be true, that Kaido is indeed the user of the Dragon Zoan devil fruit and he's already here, the situation is going to be really dire for the alliance right now. Kaido being a dragon isn't too surprising since Kin'emon hates dragons and how he got on sky island, I'm just happy that we're finally seeing a dragon zoan devil fruit. Unless Kaido is already a dragon and he ate the Oni Oni fruit, but I'm going to take the safer route and guess that Kaido ate a dragon zoan devil fruit. I can’t wait to see Shutenmaru’s design as well as the Kunoichi and the powerful allies that Kin’emon was talking about unless they’re shadowed out. This was truly worth the break. Oda said Luffy will defeat Kaido but he doesn't known how yet, and wants to refrain from something like "hitting him really hard." Most dragons in folklore were thought to be immune to damage let alone killable due to their scales and the only way to get to their flesh was by bypassing said scales. I wonder if Kaido's scar will be scale-less.

Kozuki Hiyori’s real Identity

Here is how I think it went down! First, it was shown for a fact that excluding oden and toki, there were nine other graves! That simply clearly points towards the fact that the nine people that toki talked about were not the strawhats, and not supernova captains, and not nine samurai who wield swords. But rather toki simply talked about the 9 people she sent into the future that they will bring down orochi!

Okay, first let's discuss the options that toki has done to hiyori! Shall we? There are simply four possibilities that could have happened to hiyori!

1. First option, is that toki let hiyori stay in the same timeline. And I'm sorry, that is just nonsense for three reasons: first, there is no way that she would let her stay in this dangerous place to die while transporting others to future and not include her daughter hahaha. Secondly, because toki was shown alone when she gave the speech about the 9 people who will bring down orochi! Sure it was a silhouette, but still she was shown standing alone in the fire! And third, hiyori is an important member of the 9 who toki hinted at who will take down orochi, so she wouldn't stay in the same timeline to die!

2. The second option, toki sent hiyori into the same future and time as momo's group. Now, that would be impossible, because of one fact, she was not next to them just like that other samurai with the hat (and probably other members at different locations being sent). In any case, momo, kinemon, raizo, kanjuro, and kiku, they all were transported into the same future, and they basically were standing on the same location, which was oden castle when they were being transported, so that's why they were in the same place, and if hiyori was sent into the same future as momo's group, she would have appeared next to them! So, that option is out of the question to me!

3. The third option, toki sent hiyori into the future but a future that is after momo's time. Meaning, she still did not arrive! Cause she will appear in the future still. Now, that is not a convincing logic for toki to do it. Why would she do that? It would not make any sense at all. First, that will make her unlikely to be part of the 9 people she talked about cause she will not take part in the upcoming event, same as the other samurai group who came with her. Secondly, oda will have no reason to invent a character like this who will take no part! Like, it does not add up to me! That's why I do not consider this option to be at any case a good option to pull off, but who knows!

4. Lastly, the 4th option is that toki sent hiyori into the future, but a future that is before momo's group arrival. That simply first would explain why hiyori did not appear next to momo's group, same as that other samurai with the hat who probably appeared next to hiyori at the same spot and time to look after her as well as some other group of samurai retainers (not inuarashi and nekumamushi cause they were not among the ones who were sent into future by toki, so they are not among the people who had graves)! Second thing, it would make sense for toki to send her either with momo's group and wait until they are ready for war, or send her before momo! And I'm talking about this because of hiyori's age, which from how it looks, momo looks like the older brother while hiyori might be even way younger!

And if that's that case, and her age is like 2 years old for example, then she will make a huge burden for momo's group to wage a war, and they will have to look after her cause people at that young age will simply render them! And I'm not talking about momo, cause at least momo can realize what is danger and he can run away, he can hold a stick, he can talk...Etc! Those might be things that hiyori still didn't manage to have where she is at a very early age that people need to carry her, and feed her, and protect her as a child. It's why she was being carried by toki in that panel! So, the best option I think toki would do is to actually make her travel into a future that is before momo's arrival, so that when momo arrives, she actually has grown a bit to where she can not be of a huge burden!

Note: I also think because of o-tama's age when she was sent into the future before momo, she was at very early age, people like heitetsu and the person with that hat and so on, the group that were transported with o-tama, they might have hidden the fact about her being hiyori and they told her she's o-tama cause kids spill the beans very easily. I mean look at doffy for example who spilled the beans about being a cilistial dragon very easily to the citizens which got them into huge trouble! That is why the treatment towards o-tama were different from the treatment with momo who was already aware for what's happening during his age! And o-tama was being taught by heitetsu and other group of samurai who came with her that kozuki clan are good people while orochi is bad, and they are enemy! It's why she has those kinds of value, and it's why despite the public being fooled that the kozuki are dead, she is one of those who believe that kozuki clan will come back and take back their place from orochi, and that simply was being taught to her by heitetsu and the group of people who came into her timeline. Which is why she knows this stuff, but simply she doesn't know the full truth that she traveled in time as well, and that she's from kozuki and she's oden's daughter because she was too small as a child to understand and someone like heitetsu was hiding this info from her cause she was not ready yet!

That's my full belief on the hiyori matter!

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I have prediction that hiyori is survive in time.. And will meet her brother, momo, as a young lady at present time in wano.

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