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The One Piece 914 chapter discussion! "Tsuru no Ongaeshi" is a japanese folktale of a crane that is rescued from a hunter's trap. The crane can actually morph into a young girl, and the girl comes to stay with the couple that rescued her. She begins plucking out her own feathers to weave an incredibly expensive cloth for the couple, which makes them wealthy. They are unaware initially of her harming herself to make the fabric, and when they do she abandons them immediately. I'm not sure how Oda would translate that to Tsuru's story other than the obvious of her having a Crane-Crane Zoan (Tsuru means Crane), but I'm quite excited to find out. Her body shape seems a tad odd, she has a Crane hairpiece, and Cranes all over her kimono. If Kiku doesn't turn out to be Kikuhime from the One Piece x Kyoto special, I'll be quite surprised. Perfect opportunity for some fanservice there. Heck, we got 2 new Vice Admirals out of it. In either case, her "social standing" comment was intriguing. The samurai are only below the Daimyo and the Shogun on the hierarchy, with the merchants being literally the bottom. I wonder if Kiku is actually of nobility, like it was kinda implied Kikuhime was. There's 2 large grain silos in the background when we first see Okobore Town. Assuming the dark spaces aren't window openings, they appear to be quite weathered. Not sure if they're Kaido's or still belong to the people. The whole "leftovers" thing is gonna be interesting though, hopefully its an opportunity for our boy Sanji to blow Kiku's socks off. If this Urashima encounter ends without a fight, I'll be surprised. He seems more Luffy's kind of opponent but he also has 2 swords. Since he boasts of clean food, I'm imagining he's in the direct employ of either Orochi or Kaido.

Could Shanks Be World Government's Ultimate Spy?

Now I barely read or write one piece "Theories" because lets be real, majority of the times they turn out to be straight up wrong, but this time I really feel like its possible due to context provided to use through out the one piece manga. Above all else, this panel by far caught me off guard, and I was like "Whoa, what in the hell just happened??!!!"

I was just thinking why are "Pirate Hating" World Government allowing one of, if not the most, notorious Pirates in the World inside the place treated as a sacred temple of World Government. Why is it that Gorosei are not reacting more abruptly, why aren't they in a mode of turbulence, how can Shanks just walk in?

Well after initial shock, things kinda started getting in place. First thing that I thought about was this dialogue from Sengoku when Shanks showed up at Marine Ford to "Stop the war"

Why is it that Sengoku who should be proud of Navy's victory and used Whitebeard's and Ace's bodies are victory trophies just give in to Shanks' demands? Now a lot of Yonkou fans obviously have their own interpretation of it "Oh Sengoku was scared of Shanks so he just let him do it" but even when I was done watching Marine Ford (When I was a casual fans), I was thinking Marines just annihilated Whitebeard Pirates and all their top dogs are still fine so it definitely not the fear of Shanks that is stopping them. But I didn't think much then, I just reached the conclusion that Sengoku simply respects Shanks' diplomatic and peaceful nature despite being a Pirate. But after the latest chapter, I feel (and I could obviously be completely wrong), is that it is partly true that yes Navy as well as world government does respect Shanks' philosophy of peace, but mainly because Shanks is working with or for the World Government.

But why is someone who prides his Freedom work for World Government?

Well to answer that question, I will first talk about the fact that my perspective on World Government has changed after the latest chapter. I used to think, while the Marines, just like Pirates have both good and evil, World Government in itself is to its very core EVIL and it was mostly because of what we knew about Celestial Dragons. But then we saw this.

It really speaks to the uniqueness of One Piece as no one side is try evil or good, its not Black and Whitebeard but rather Shades of Grey in all factions in OP World. There are good pirates like Luffy and there are evil pirates like Doflamingo, there are good Marines like Fujitora and there are evil Marines like Akainu (Akainu isn't really that evil tbh, I can make a big ass post about him making him low key look like a saint and major lee hung would appreciate it, but just bare with me here, its pretty late and I needed a example) and there are Good Celestials like Mjosgard and there are bad Celestials like well every other Celestial we saw on panel.

Anyways I went on a bit of a tangent tangent there, the point I was trying to make is that World Government is not all evil, but that still doesn't explain why Shanks would ally with them. Well if go one step further and look at it from real life perspective, there has been through out history some supposed renegade organization, from the top of my head say "Black Panther" back in 80s, who have arguably done more good than bad, while there have been corrupt governments, Government officials are still generally looked at the ones responsible for maintaining Peace and Protecting Citizens.

Shanks to me comes off as a Man, wanting Ultimate Peace and someone who hates unnecessary blood shed. That is why he took all the insults from Higuma (Well besides the fact that he wasn't worth killing), only to get one of his soldiers killed when it was absolutely necessary. That is why despite it not being his business, he took the trouble of going to Whitebeard's ship and warned him about Blackbeard and pleaded him to stop Ace.

I think Shanks has allied government so that he could warn them in the case of turbulence from the pirate, being that he himself is the one and has inside knowledge. In return I think World Government sort of treats him like they treat Warlords and let him do his thing without bothering him much as they know he is not someone who will go around killing or looting innocents.

Now I am not saying Shanks is definitely working under World Government like Mihawk is (Who has his own reasons not as noble as Shanks of course), he could just be working with them as an equal.

Well damn I typed a lot and most it it could be nonsense you but if you have gotten this far thanks l

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