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The One Piece 937 chapter discussion! Queen is just getting started. The enemies Luffy fought were only the first round, it will likely get tougher from here and who knows if Queen will decide to make things a little more creative down the line. If I were organizing an event like this, I would fill it will all kinds of fun and creative ideas. Well, fun for me and likely less fun for my victims. As for Nami and Robin, it wouldn't hurt for them to know some kind of haki although I think that for Nami observation would be the best. For Robin I am torn on observation or armament. As for Usopp, I would like to see him improve his observation haki even more. Sanji being the best at his own class of haki is something many people say, but while I really like his character I think that Luffy is a little ahead of him in that regard. Luffy can see a bit into the future and that is not something that Sanji has displayed as of yet. Again I really like his character. As for the character on the bridge, I recall reading after the chapter that this character is based on someone from Japanese folklore or mythology. We introduced to this Big Character who stole Zoro´s Shusui. Some people have related him to Benkei from japanese folklore. He talked about returning the Blade to it´s rightful place (Ryuma´s grave). But he also threatened Zoro to die by the hand he stole from. Perhaps this Benkei character is related to Ryuma. But more importantly, what does the editor note foreshadow about Shusui´s fate? Was it the fate of the sword to be stolen and brought back? or what else? Could the sword be cursed?

Fate of Saul – Myth & Fact

Myth: Saul is still alive, Kuzan’s move did not kill him!

Fact: While it appears Saul died at Ohara Island, there are arguments that may prove otherwise. The simple fact that he and Aokiji were good friends may show that Aokiji was reluctant to kill him. Amongst the noted signs, is the name of the move used by Aokiji ‘Ice Time Capsule’, which alone implies he may still be alive (although it could just mean that the move is “Ice Time”, only focused on a smaller area).

However it is yet to be proven he is alive and for now he is considered dead until proven otherwise.